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N422LA Originally a Ex-Jal cargo JA633J, now flying for Florida West whit the "Silver Bullet" scheme's and retrofitted whit winglets is probably one of the nieces 767F in the US. (mehr von N422LA)
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N950AR Visiting Puerto Rico for a special cargo delivery, ILS Runway 10 on a sunny day. (mehr von N950AR)
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N753MA Arriving on runway 10 on a sunny afternoon on seasonal flights, whit "Panning" effect. (mehr von N753MA)
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N593AN Arriving on runway 10 on a sunny afternoon on seasonal charters flights for Good Quality Tours, whit "Panning" effect. (mehr von N593AN)
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81-0005 A morning surprise three years ago, always welcome to see one of these on San Juan after spending the night on apron. (mehr von 81-0005)
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N806NW Special charter flight to San Juan for US troops returning to their families, is unusual to see a A330 from Delta on Puerto Rico. (mehr von N806NW)