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La Palma Airport, seen from the A320 from Condor after Take-off
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EC-IYE apron view to the tower of Aeropuerto de Santa Cruz de La Palma (mehr von EC-IYE)
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EC-JEH intermediate stop; overview from our D-ABOB. The first EC-JEH from Binter and in the background the ATR42 from Islas EC-IYE. (mehr von EC-JEH)
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D-ABOE is climbing out of RWY01 powerfully back to DUS. (EOS350D) (mehr von D-ABOE)
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EI-CUN is taxiing for take-off RWY01 back home to Italy. Nice visitor in the morning! (mehr von EI-CUN)
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EC-JQL intermediate landing, on the way to ACE and the beginning of changing weathercondition at the islands into cloudy and stormy... (mehr von EC-JQL)
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D-ABOC from Munich just landed and turning for taxiing to the terminal. Nice bird! (mehr von D-ABOC)
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I-DAWW just arrived from Italy. Nice background in SPC. (mehr von I-DAWW)
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EC-HEZ during a short turnarround. Note the very beautiful terminal area in the background. (mehr von EC-HEZ)
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Two ATR-72's are parked, the one of Binter Canarias is receiving Passengers, the one of Islas Airways is being refueled.
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EC-IYE is waiting for the passengers to bring them back to Las Palmas/Gran Canaria. In the background is EC-IKQ ready for departure to Tenerife Norte. These are all routes which Islas Airways flying from SPC. (mehr von EC-IYE)
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EC-JEV spectaculare approach on runway 01. Coming from Tenerife Norte. (mehr von EC-JEV)
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See the lovely old Terminal and the runway in front of Santa Cruz de La Palma. They started to build a new terminal at the left side. Romantic will go, if the work is finished at the new terminal. At the moment it`s rush hour in SPC - 4 of 6 positions are busy. From left to right: IB 320 EC-HUJ, NT ATR72 EC-HEZ, IF ATR72 EC-JCD, UX 738 EC-JKZ.