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F-WWCR s/n 1462 in revised Saudia livery (mehr von F-WWCR)
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HZ-HMS2 This is a very special image for me! Not only because it shows the unexpected highlight of or GVA trip, nor because it shows the only A340-8000 in the world, which basically is a A342 with an extended range to 8000nm. No, this image is special because it is my magic number 1000 on pp.net! :) I want to thank all of my friends who make this hobby so fun and great for me, especially Moritz, Timo and Bjrn, and all the other people I met over the years. Also thanks the pp.net crew who make this great site work! :) (mehr von HZ-HMS2)
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HZ-ASF Another great Arabian visitor. Dedicated to Timo and Bjrn who are big fans of all alliance logojets! (mehr von HZ-ASF)
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F-WWYG c/n1454>HZ-AQI 1st A333 SVA with new revised livery. (mehr von F-WWYG)