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OE-LBP Operating the evening holiday flight AUA53WQ Innsbruck-Stockholm-Copenhagen-Innsbruck. (mehr von OE-LBP)
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OH-LXM Reaching the end of RWY 08 for a tournaround to an Eastern direction for departure. Holiday flight AY 1492 to Helsinki-Vantaa Intl. (mehr von OH-LXM)
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OE-LDF 'Sarajevo' (built in 2005) leaving Innsbruck for Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. as flight OS 9629. (mehr von OE-LDF)
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OE-LDC Winter charter flight OS 2589 departing INN bound for Bristol via RWY 26. (mehr von OE-LDC)
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ES-SAO Incoming charter flight MYX 8502 taxiing in after arrival from Cagliari-Elmas/Sardinia. To operate another charter flight to Riga on the following day. (mehr von ES-SAO)
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OE-LDE Flight AUA91JN taking off to Gothenburg via RWY26. (mehr von OE-LDE)
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G-EUUL Leaving Innsbruck for London-Heathrow Intl. (BA687). (mehr von G-EUUL)
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SU-TMG Charter flight FEG 3042 to Hurghada Intl. leaving parking position 11 on its way to RWY08 for departure. (mehr von SU-TMG)
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G-TAWF Just arrived from Manchester Intl. as holiday flight TOM 2670 with the last sunrays illuminating the aircrafts fuselage. (mehr von G-TAWF)
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D-ABKN The Eurowings schedule EW 7279 Innsbruck - Hamburg Intl. is on departure via RWY26. (mehr von D-ABKN)
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G-OOBN Charter flight BY4657 departing Innsbruck for London-Gatwick Intl. via RWY 26. (mehr von G-OOBN)
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SE-DJN Arriving INN from Gothenburg as charter flight SCW6U. (mehr von SE-DJN)
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PH-XRB Taxiing out to RWY33 for departure to Rotterdam-The Hague (HV 5408). (mehr von PH-XRB)
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SE-ROE 'Harald Viking' arriving Salzburg from Stockholm-Arlanda Intl. as charter flight SK 2915 shortly before sunset. The A320neo is definitely one of my most favourite aircraft, especially when captured in some beautiful evening light like this. (mehr von SE-ROE)
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LN-RPO Nice to catch a 737-800 without winglets. Named 'Thorleif Viking' and is captured during departure to Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. as charter flight SK 7480. (mehr von LN-RPO)
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LY-MGC Lifting off RWY26 on departure to Billund. This fully white 737 is operating on behalf of Atlantic Airways that usually flies this charter leg with an A319. LY-MGC has already been in service for Turkish Airlines (TC-JDE), Malev Hungarian Airlines (HA-LEV) and Transaero Airlines (EI-DDY). (mehr von LY-MGC)
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OH-LXI Holiday flight AY 1462 to Helsinki-Vantaa Intl. on departure via RWY 26 with some parts of the mountains of the "Nordkette" behind. (mehr von OH-LXI)
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OE-LBE 'The Wachau' taking off out of Innsbruck bound for Copenhagen-Kastrup Intl. (AUA60KT). This A321 will soon be repainted in the new Austrian coulourscheme. (mehr von OE-LBE)
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SE-DJO Lifting off the runway and starting its flight to Gothenburg as holiday flight SCW7U. The photo of this beautiful 'Jumbolino' was taken shortly before sunset. (mehr von SE-DJO)
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OE-LOA Rocketing out of Innsbruck as flight OE 351 bound for Dublin Intl. This is the first visit of an LaudaMotion-Jet at Innsbruck Airport wearing the new paintscheme. Built in 2007 this Airbus A320 has already been in service for All Nippon Airways/Japan (JA206A) and Citilink/Indonesia (PK-GLH). (mehr von OE-LOA)
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OE-LBP Climbing out of Innsbruck as flight AUA53WQ to Copenhagen-Kastrup Intl. Freshly painted in Austrian's new colourscheme. (mehr von OE-LBP)
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SE-RER 'Svein Viking' departing Innsbruck bound for Copenhagen-Kastrup Intl. as charter flight SK 7898. (mehr von SE-RER)
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D-AIBJ Flight LH1251 to Frankfurt/Main Intl. lining up on RWY 08. (mehr von D-AIBJ)
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OE-LCJ Shortly after getting airborne out of Palma de Mallorca Intl. Airport on flight OE 7795 to Vienna-Schwechat. In the distance you can see PMI's neighbour airport Aerodromo de Son Bonet. Photo taken from seat 09F. (mehr von OE-LCJ)
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D-ACKH Nice to see a Lufthansa CRJ-900 with the crane-logo on the aircraft's tail. Usually, the airline uses the ex-Eurowings series wearing a "yellow points on blue ground" tail-paintscheme for the Frankfurt schedules bound to Linz. (mehr von D-ACKH)