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N242CK Entering runway 33 with some nice reflections. Came here as gas'n'go between Athens (LGAV) and Bangor (KGBR) on a 'Public Use' flight for the US Government. (mehr von N242CK)
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Air Traffic Control - Portuguese Air Base 4.


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Departure level of Terceira's Lajes airport, the second largest airport on the Azores islands.
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N762NA Photo taken from the Miradouro General Humberto Delgado (mehr von N762NA)
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CS-TRC With SATA Internacional CS-TGV Airbus A310 in the background (mehr von CS-TRC)
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CS-TKO Overview Terceira Lajes airport with the terminal and apron visible. SATA CS-TKO A320 taxis to takeoff position while SATA Dash8 Q400 CS-TRG is standing at the apron. (mehr von CS-TKO)
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G-BYGD After making an emergency landing at Lajes due to electrical problems on August 24th 2009, this 744 is seen here departing back to the United Kingdom! (mehr von G-BYGD)
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N603AX During May and June 2011 we got a lot Air Mobility Command (AMC) flights operated by OAI DC-10's! Here is one of them landing on half width rwy33! Too bad these magnificent aircraft are disappearing from the skies... (mehr von N603AX)