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C-FRAM Small bird watching a big bird on final runway 14 with some nice vortex. (mehr von C-FRAM)
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B-LXK The long A350 from Cathay Pacific coming in as flight CX383 from Hong Kong. (mehr von B-LXK)
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HS-TGZ Secons before touchdown on runway 14 in the early morning. Replacment of the usual B777-300ER on the flight TG970 from Bangkok. (mehr von HS-TGZ)
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04-4134 Bringing some stuff for the Trump visit during the WEF. (Dear Screener: Please delete the first pic of this aircafr, something went wrong with the colors after the upload, Thank you)) (mehr von 04-4134)
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9M-MRE An airline sadly disapeared from Zurich. (mehr von 9M-MRE)
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HB-IQA The old Swiss workhorse on short final runway 32 in golden morning light. (mehr von HB-IQA)
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9V-SPO Good old times in Zurich with the unique Singapore Airlines B747. (mehr von 9V-SPO)