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PH-BHD Finally!! After years operating for KLM, the Dreamliner of the dutch airline landed at Quito and Ecuador for the first time. Sadly this first flight to Ecuador will be the only one of the B789 for now. It was operated as a "test" to check the performance of the plane on the AMS-UIO-GYE-AMS route. Getting the traditional water salute while rolling to gate 14. Thanks to KLM and Nicol�s Larenas for the help!! (mehr von PH-BHD)
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FAE893 The last Hercules in Ecuador departing from Quito to an unknown destination during the Spotter Day UIO 2019 organized by Ecuador Aviation Photography. (mehr von FAE893)
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HK-5385 For the first time LAS Cargo's Boeing 737-400F landed in Quito. In the photo, receiving the traditional water salute after its arrival from Bogota during a sunny afternoon and with a rainbow formed by the water particles. Thanks to Nicolas Larenas and Quiport for the opportunity to witness this event up close. (mehr von HK-5385)
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CN-RGB Departing during a rainy morning on a ferry flight directly from Quito to Casablanca after delivering 2.5 million covid-19 vaccines that were a donation of the chinese government. This was the second time Royal Air Maroc was at Ecuador, the first time a B789 came at night for the same motive. This time, a B788 came, with light and wearing the OneWorld livery. Stunning special visitor!! (mehr von CN-RGB)
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N741AV A beautiful A319 that it's now on the Avianca Ecuador fleet doing flights to Lima and New York and sometimes doing national flights as this one from Guayaquil (mehr von N741AV)
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FAE-052 Rolling down to runway 36 for takeoff to Guayaquil as "Ecuadorian Air Force 001" with ecuadorian president Guillermo Lasso onboard. This is currently the only presidential aircraft of Ecuador because the Embraer Legacy FAE-051 is up for sale and only make smal training flights until there's an offer for it. (mehr von FAE-052)
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HK-5330 The colombian airline, Sarpa started charter flights between Quito, Cali and Medellin. Finally, after several years we have a direct route to this two important colombian cities once again twice a week. Special thanks to the people of Quiport!! (mehr von HK-5330)
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EI-MAA Departing to Mexico City as MAA6341 during a rainy and cloudy afternoon at Quito. This was my first time seeing one of the, currently two, Airbus A330P2F operated by the mexican cargo airline Mas since they only had B767 some time ago. And the first time I see their new tail livery that, to me, it's simply stunning!! (mehr von EI-MAA)
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N331QT Landing during a beautiful morning during the Spotter Day UIO 2019 organized by Quiport and Ecuador Aviation Photography. (mehr von N331QT)


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EW-505TR A very special and rare visitor at Ecuador, all the way from Belarus. Flight RDA 8821 departing on its way to Bogot� after spending over an hour doing nothing at Quito. I never imagined that I would be able to catch a IL62 at my home airport, and I finally did. Definitely worth the sleepless night and the money I spent on the trip. (mehr von EW-505TR)
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N313CG A very strange visitor resting at general aviation apron at UIO. It arrived that day from Bogot� with a stopover at Guayaquil, the following morning this ATR flew back to Bogot�. This same aircraft was spotted at Guayaquil in July 2015. (mehr von N313CG)
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F-HRBA First flight of a B787 in Quito. Air France returned to Ecuador in May 2019, after 25 years of canceling its service between Paris and the capital, at that time it was flew with Super Constellation, B707, B747 and finally A340-300 aircraft. For restarting operations, they did so with the same A340-300 but with Joon livery, and finally in October the B787 arrived. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 caused Air France to stop flying to Ecuador again, we hope they will return soon!! (mehr von F-HRBA)
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ET-ARK Arriving, just before Sun comes out, from Bogot� as ETH 3517. This was a very common visitor at UIO but due to the pandemic they stopped flying to Ecuador. The last flight of this airline was in April, 2021 as a charter due to flower season. (mehr von ET-ARK)
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N420LA No longer wearing this scheme, its currently all white until its painted with the new airline's livery. (mehr von N420LA)
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N939AV "Avianca 51" landing from Bogot� wearing its livery of the Disney's movie, "Encanto" which is inspired on Colombia, its traditions, its people and its charm. It's the first visit of this plane with this livery abroad since it was only making flights to domestic destinations within Colombia in order to promote the country through the film and the livery. (mehr von N939AV)
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PH-MPS What a beast!! The feeling of been here face to face to this "Queen of the Skies" is just incredible!! (mehr von PH-MPS)
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FAC1215 Taxiing for departure back to Bogota as "Colombian Air Force 1215 LEGACY" and carrying the Vice President and as well the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, Marta Lucia Ramirez after attending a CAN chancellors summit at UIO. (mehr von FAC1215)
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09-0525 "SAM 315" off to Panama Pacifico airportafter carrying some high-rank U.S. officials for the signing of a commercial agreement with Ecuador that day. (mehr von 09-0525)