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XA-MEB “Ichcatlan” was the only aircraft painted like this. B727-264 XA-MEF “Tula” and A320-231 XA-RYS “Tecpantla” had this design but with the colours reversed (mehr von XA-MEB)
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XA-MEB It has the same tail design as Epazoyucan but with a cream colour variation. Named after the small town of Ichcatlan in the State of Hidalgo (mehr von XA-MEB)
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XA-MEB nose close up, holding for a 05R takeoff. Last year of Mexicana's 727 it is said. :( (mehr von XA-MEB)
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XA-MEB in final to Mexico City Int'l. runway 05R. Soon they will be retired :( (mehr von XA-MEB)