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HB-IOP Taxiing towards Rwy 28 as seen from a ramp tour during WEF 2013. Later became OE-LOG with Niki and Laudamotion and active today as HB-JJN with Edelweiss Air. (mehr von HB-IOP)
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VP-BBP Sitting on the W ramp during WEF 2013. (mehr von VP-BBP)
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RA-78796 Taxiing past the visitors deck, arriving from Russia with vehicles for a presidential visit during WEF 2013. (mehr von RA-78796)
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D-AGEN Taxiing along the visitors deck after arrival. Got the Germania paint scheme in November 2013 and was broken up at Kemble in 2020. (mehr von D-AGEN)
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HB-JHH Getting towed to Terminal E after spending the morning outside. (mehr von HB-JHH)
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HB-JMJ Getting towed to Terminal E after spending the morning outside. (mehr von HB-JMJ)


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VP-CAL not the worst 20 minutes for the sun to appear during my 5-days stay! (mehr von VP-CAL)