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F-WWDD back in 2009 when the A380 was supposed to be the solution for the booming aviation market. Featuring some logos of first customers - although Kingfisher and Virgin never received any A380 (mehr von F-WWDD)
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F-WTTN seconds before touchdown rwy 18R, coming in from Toulouse (TLS) for a cargo flight. (mehr von F-WTTN)
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F-WWFT Scan from slide, The Riplet Flight Test A320 was covered with a foil, that had the structure of shark skin. It was to test, if shark skin rduces the drag of the fuselage as good in the air, as the shaks skin does it under water (mehr von F-WWFT)
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F-WBXS Touching down in the last light of the day! (mehr von F-WBXS)