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F-WKVD Bound for the Kenyan low cost carrier. (mehr von F-WKVD)
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F-PRLX c/n 386. Built in 1995. New registration on the database. (mehr von F-PRLX)
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F-GBLZ c/n U20605151. Built in 1977. New registration in the database. This aircraft was being used to drop parachutists over the airport on this Sunday. (mehr von F-GBLZ)
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F-GJHR c/n 28-8090071. Parked in Graulhet for refuelling. (mehr von F-GJHR)
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N1927H c/n 28R-7737017. Built in 1977. New registration on the database. Parked at the picturesque airport of Graulhet. (mehr von N1927H)
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Airport overview. New airport in the database, located just a short flight from Albi Airport in the South West of France. Notice the parallel glider strip in use, and the small strip for radio controlled aircraft near the airport. Thanks to Luc and Alain for the great flight.
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G-LCYF Nice Embraer 170 for BA taxiing past the Aviation Viewing Park. (mehr von G-LCYF)
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A6-EBP Emirates 777-300 taxiing past the Aviation Viewing Park in evening light. (mehr von A6-EBP)
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PH-KZW On approach to Amsterdam. Shot taken from seat 15A, with a great view over the wing and of the engine (to the left). (mehr von PH-KZW)


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Overview of Manchester, with terminal 3 ahead.
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F-GGXQ c/n 1928. On approach to the very quiet airport of Gaillac in the picturesque region of the Tarn in the south west of France. Thanks to Luc for this great end of 2009 flight! (mehr von F-GGXQ)
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F-GGXQ c/n 1928. Near to touch down at Albi airport on a great day for flying! Thanks Luc for the flight! (mehr von F-GGXQ)
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G-EZAE An Easyjet A319 lining up for takeoff from Liverpool airport's runway 27. This end of the runway is excellent for photography and spotting, with a perimeter road closeby, as the sign suggests. (mehr von G-EZAE)
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G-JMAC The old control tower and terminal of Liverpool Speke Airport, which is now a hotel. Front left if an old Jetstream 41. (mehr von G-JMAC)
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G-ANCF c/n 12922. Built in 1959. Nice old plane resting, awaiting restoration, in front of an art deco hangar at Liverpool Speke Airport. (mehr von G-ANCF)
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G-OMUM c/n 14067. ex PH-JJJ. Built in 1976. (mehr von G-OMUM)
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G-ARKN c/n 22-8327. Built in 1961. New registration on the database. (mehr von G-ARKN)
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SE-DIK Taxiing into stand with Aeronova Swearingen SA-227AC Metro III (EC-HCH) and Thomas Cook Airbus A330-243 (G-MLJL) in the background. (mehr von SE-DIK)
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G-ARFB c/n 22-7518. Built in 1960. New registration on the database. (mehr von G-ARFB)