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5Y-JLI c/n 7025. First in DB! Jetlink Express is a Kenyan airline mainly operating with CRJs. On the tarmac infront of the domestic terminal at Jomo Kenyatta their planes are a very common sight. This CRJ was delivered in May this year. [EOS 350D] (mehr von 5Y-JLI)
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5Y-KYY c/n 29383/747. Ex EI-CRO First upload for this reg. in DB and first upload since years from MBA! This 763 arrived from a long haul to pick up pax for NBO [EOS 350D] (mehr von 5Y-KYY)
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LV-ZTX After leaving COR/SACO heading for Buenos Aires AEP we got this beautiful view of Argentina's second biggest city. [EOS 350D] (mehr von LV-ZTX)
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D-ALPA After lift-off from DUS we make a turn to the west above Oberhausen. Destination is MIA. Gasometer and A42 can clearly be seen from up here. (mehr von D-ALPA)
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EC-JFX Stopped safely on rwy17 after several tires on the right main landing gear collapsed with 330 pax onboard. It approached with gusty crosswinds and the bang of the tires was impressive. Airport was closed for 3h. This incident was followed by a bigger one about one month later when an Iberia A346 overshot the runway and was heavily damaged. [EOS 350D] (mehr von EC-JFX)
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J-015 In my opinion this is currently the most beautiful flying thing in the entire world! Sheikh's F-16 with a perfect display at Open Dagen 2009... [EOS 350D] (mehr von J-015)
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J-014 Only at Volkel! The Open Dagen at Volkel are highly recommended for aviation enthusiasts! [EOS 350D] (mehr von J-014)
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N996DM During display at Luxembourg AirShow '08 taking place in Bitburg (mehr von N996DM)
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Volcano Cotopaxi (5897m) and the Dornier coming in at UIO...[EOS 350D]
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EC-IOB Yes, I've been to paradise;) [EOS 350D] (mehr von EC-IOB)
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81-0985 (SP) Pulling a tight turn over "Hachenberg-Kaserne"... [EOS 350D] (mehr von 81-0985)
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D-ABVO After crossing the atlantic we finally see land at Miami beach... Some 5 more minutes to fly until touchdown in MIA. [EOS 350D] (mehr von D-ABVO)
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N396AN Three AAs in one... 737, 757 and 767! I didn't even see the 757 while taking the picture! [EOS 350D] (mehr von N396AN)
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D-ECOF c/n 28-7625139. ex N9526N. Situated right in the middle of a roundabout next to the airport... [EOS 350D @ 20sec.] (mehr von D-ECOF)
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D-ABVO D-ABVO Crossing rwy 30 aboard D-ABVO shortly after landing in MIA [EOS 350D] (mehr von D-ABVO)
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AEE-503 One nice piece of equipment [EOS 350D] (mehr von AEE-503)
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LV-ZZA Rarely spotted airport... Taken on a very warm winters day. [EOS 350D] (mehr von LV-ZZA)
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