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D-ADPO Taxiing to RWY 18 on a nice summer evening. (mehr von D-ADPO)
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G-BOAD March 2nd, 2019 was the 50th anniversary of Concorde's first flight. (mehr von G-BOAD)
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CC-CCG Delivered to Lufthansa in 1963 as D-ABOS (later re-registered D-ABOV), this Boeing 707 was acquired by LAN Chile in 1974. She was withdrawn from use in 1986 and later on transferred to the National Air & Space Museum of Chile. (mehr von CC-CCG)
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N787EX My first encounter with the brandnew Dreamliner. It came into Yuma as Boeing 002 and as an unexpected visitor, but I didn't mind at all. A few days later a mishap with this aircraft caused the temporary grounding of the whole Dreamliner test fleet. (mehr von N787EX)
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N746JB Jetblue goes green - welcome to Vegas for the NY Jets' jet! (mehr von N746JB)