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Taken from N214NN arriving from SJC
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PH-BQL overhead cabincrew rest area (mehr von PH-BQL)
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This is a great observation point on the roof at Terminal B.
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G-BYGC As part of their centenary year celebrations, BA have decided to paint three B747's, first one is the famous BOAC colours, seen here holding short of runway 28 after painting by IAC at Dublin. (mehr von G-BYGC)
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D-AHLB scanned - Running out of fuel because they couldn`t retract landing gear after departure out of Chania, Greece. Destination should have been Hannover, Germany but unfortunately they crashed few meters away from RWY34 at Vienna, Austria (mehr von D-AHLB)
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D-ASTA The two Germania aircraft based at ERF after the airline filed for bankruptcy. D-ASTS in the backdrop was just delivered on February 1st. Some crews based in ERF are taking some last photos as a memory. (mehr von D-ASTA)
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D-ASTA D-ASTA, D-ASTS keep D-AWBB company. You can see three planes of two insovent airlines. (mehr von D-ASTA)
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OE-IHC ex Shaheen Air AP-BNM / Turkish Airlines TC-JLP / Atlasjet TC-OGV (mehr von OE-IHC)
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C-FKBX landing on skis some 200 km away from Novo Airbase nejoying the beautiful landscape of Antarctica. Thanks to all involved for a perfect weekend. (mehr von C-FKBX)