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762 Big rush for the beautiful aircraft in Stuttgart (mehr von 762)
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T-057 Changing of he guards by the NAF. Last ever pushback of NAF KDC-10 T-235 in background with its successors in foreground. This day marks the very end of registered and operated DC-10 in Europe . (mehr von T-057)
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T-235 Last ever flyby after takeoff to the ney owner Omega Air in the US. This day marks the very end of registered and operated DC-10 in Europe . (mehr von T-235)
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OE-GJW Approaching Rwy 34, sporting some nice design and titles. (mehr von OE-GJW)
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A6-CAS first ever landing of an Airbus A318 @ DTM (mehr von A6-CAS)


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A6-EEU Arriving from DBX Dubai Expo 2021-2022 livery (mehr von A6-EEU)
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N14102 Arriving from JFK Painted in the special “Her Art Here” livery (mehr von N14102)
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HB-IWU Formerly D-AERZ with LTU this MD11 was with Swissair from 10/1998 to 05/2005 when she went onto UPS as N281UP and is still in service (mehr von HB-IWU)
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D-BAKB The good old days before more and more excessive securityrules made travelling to this point impossible. (mehr von D-BAKB)
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Bradley Terminal overview LAX