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G-BYGC As part of their centenary year celebrations, BA have decided to paint three B747's, first one is the famous BOAC colours, seen here holding short of runway 28 after painting by IAC at Dublin. (mehr von G-BYGC)
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OE-IHC ex Shaheen Air AP-BNM / Turkish Airlines TC-JLP / Atlasjet TC-OGV (mehr von OE-IHC)
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PH-CKB new KLM colors and different Cargo style letters during arrival RWY 18R "Polderbaan" (mehr von PH-CKB)
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2-FIXP One of two A340-600s that had been stored at Bournemouth for European Aviation. Ex Etihad A6-EHK (mehr von 2-FIXP)
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Vueling's EC-LQL on 25R Short final
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G-BYGC British Airways are celebrating there centenary and are to paint three 747's. The first one rolled out in the famous BOAC c/s after painting by IAC at Dublin. (mehr von G-BYGC)
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D-ASTW After Germania filed for insolvency on February, 6st 2019 three a/c were parked on a remote corner at the northern part of DUS. From left to right: D-ASTW, D-ASTV, D-ASTT Shot taken right before sunset. (mehr von D-ASTW)
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YK-AHB Evening take off on runway 18 West in FRA (mehr von YK-AHB)
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