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62-4478 On display in the Presidential Gallery at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. This short body T-39A Sabreliner with two triangular windows is one of ten Presidential aircraft in the gallery. Retrofitted to a VIP configuration, it was used by former President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1968 to 1973 to travel to his ranch. Later, it flew as an avionics and communication test bed. It went to the museum in October 1984. One can see the air brake extended behind the nose wheel. (more of 62-4478)
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ZG4620 Prototype Light Utility Helicopter hovering over the flight line in the morning at Aero India 2021. The LUH is intended as a replacement for the IAF and Indian Army’s Chetak and Cheetah helicopters. The LUH features a glass cockpit, is in the 3-ton category and powered by a single Shakti 1U turboshaft engine developed from the Safran Ardiden 1U. It has a service ceiling of 6500 metres. (more of ZG4620)
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ZM2888 Flying past with the national flag during rehearsals for Aero India 2023. This helicopter belongs to 112HU "Thoroughbreds". Raised at Jorhat on 01 Aug. 1963, the unit previously flew the Bell 47G, Chetak and Mi-8. It was awarded the President’s Standard on 11 March 2014 for exceptional service during war and peace. (more of ZM2888)
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54-0148 On display in the Research & Development Gallery at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. This was the world’s first VSTOL tilt-rotor aircraft, powered by a single P&W R-985 Wasp. It was the result of a joint initiative in 1951 between the US Army and USAF. Two were built, and the first hover tests began in 1955. Take off to horizontal flight and back was achieved on 18 Dec 58. It never went into production, but paved the way later for the CV-22 Osprey. The first XV-3 was written off, and this is the only surviving example. (more of 54-0148)
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VT-PPJ Workhorses of Air India’s domestic fleet at the gates of IGIA T-3 on a winter afternoon. VT-PPD at the rear carries the sketch of Mahatma Gandhi on its tail as does one aircraft each across all models in the fleet from Oct. 2019 in tribute to the Father of the Nation on his 150th birth anniversary. (more of VT-PPJ)
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62-0001 On display in the Research and Development Gallery at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Dwarfing the SR-71, this exotic Valkyrie was intended to be a Mach 3 nuclear bomber. A sharp-edged splitter plate of the wedge-fronted intake reduced airflow to Mach 1.3, the design helping the XB-70 to surf on its shockwave. The wingtips folded downward on the AV-1 at 25 and 65 deg. at supersonic speeds to add to stability, also adding to lift. It had a retractable visor, delta canards and all-moving vertical stabilizers. Power was from six YJ93-GE-3 turbojets using JP-6 fuel. (more of 62-0001)
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42-72843 On display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Built in San Diego, the Liberator was ferried to the 9th Air Force, where it was assigned to the 512th Bomb Squadron of the 376th BG. "Strawberry Bitch" flew over 50 missions, including the raid on the Ploesti oil refinery in August 1943. One of the four propellers of B-24D "Lady Be Good" of 514th BS that was lost with its crew in the Libyan desert in April 1943 on its first combat mission lies by the nose. (more of 42-72843)
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CG865 ALH Mk.III from CGAS 845 with its nose-mounted surveillance radar, sensors, E/O pod, Trakkabeam high-intensity searchlight and Breeze Eastern winch flying past during the rehearsal for Aero India 2023. (more of CG865)
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A3670 Eye-catching Surya Kiran Hawk taxiing out for rehearsal on a hot afternoon at Yelahanka during Aero India 2023. (more of A3670)
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G-VBZZ "Queen Bee" departing CSMIA in the afternoon as VS355 bound for LHR. (more of G-VBZZ)
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RB005 Wg Cdr Vivek displaying the Rafale superbly during the Full Dress Rehearsal for Aero India 2023. (more of RB005)
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G-CIVS Watching contrails in the sky as BA117 bound for JFK crosses the coast on a fine day. (more of G-CIVS)
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JA01XJ Taxiing out at Haneda for a morning departure as JL905 to Naha. (more of JA01XJ)
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9V-SHP Afternoon departure from CSMIA as SQ421 bound for Changi. (more of 9V-SHP)
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VT-IJO On short final for Rwy 19L at NSCBIA on a nice day. (more of VT-IJO)
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OH-LWH Afternoon arrival at Haneda as AY61 from Helsinki. (more of OH-LWH)
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JA11XJ Morning arrival at Haneda as JL504 from Sapporo. (more of JA11XJ)
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JA701J Taxiing out for departure in the morning as JL313 to Fukuoka. At over 20 years, this is the oldest B777 in JAL’s fleet. (more of JA701J)
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N10BD Hanging from the ceiling in Concourse C at DEN, this Learjet belonging to Bill Daniels holds the FAI eastbound world speed record in the C-1f Class by flying around the world on 14 Feb 1996 in 49hrs, 21m, 8s at an average speed of 752.53 km/h. Crewed by Mark E. Calkins, former astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad, Daniel Miller and Paul Thayer, the flight started and ended at Denver, covering St. Kitts, Cape Verde, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Varanasi in India, the Philippines, Russia and Alaska en route. (more of N10BD)
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VT-TNX Climbing out of CSMIA as UK960 bound for DEL. (more of VT-TNX)
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VT-ATD Red Knight ready for departure on a monsoon evening at IGIA T-3 as I5-857 bound for Bengaluru. This aircraft was newly delivered to AirAsia India on 20 Oct 2020 as AirAsia India’s first Neo. (more of VT-ATD)
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16+26 On display at the Luftwaffenmuseum. Designed by Hans Wocke, these forward-swept wing aircraft were powered by General Electric CJ610 turbojet engines. Apart from VIP transports, the Luftwaffe took Hansa Jets on charge for ECM training from October 1976 and these remained on strength till 1994. The first ECM Hansa Jet went to Fernmelde-Lehr-und Versuchsregiment 6 (FmLVsuRgt 61). Others went to one squadron of Jagdbombergeschwader 32 (JaboG 32), of which the emblem can be seen on the tail. (more of 16+26)
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4K-BCI Rare visitor operating as AZG1141 from GYD on short final at NSCBIA in the afternoon. This B747 of 21 years is one of twelve in the Silk Way West Airlines fleet. (more of 4K-BCI)
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SB219 Rocket sled turning on a dime over Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh in the evening light. Wg Cdr Abhinav Singh moves the Flanker around at low level during the Full Dress Rehearsal for IAF’s 90th Air Force Day. (more of SB219)
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VT-TGE Skimming the last bits of the white layer before heading into the grey during the afternoon descent to CSMIA on UK772 in the hands of Capt. S. Karnik. This is one of five B737s currently operating with Vistara that used to be VT-JFL operated by Jet Airways. (more of VT-TGE)