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G-MIDO Former BMI aircraft that still has the same seats that Lufthansa used to have, but now in BA colours. Boarding for Dublin just started. (more of G-MIDO)
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D-ALCS Close-up view of the middle console with the throttle unit and some more interesting details! Former Alitalia I-DUPD, built May 1994. (more of D-ALCS)
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VQ-BKN Delivered new from the factory on 11-05-2011, one day after its sistership VQ-BKO. (more of VQ-BKN)
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VQ-BKN The oldest of five ATRs in the fleet of NordStar (actually registered as Taimyr Air Company) operating regional flights in Siberia. (more of VQ-BKN)
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VQ-BKO Unfortunately a grey day in Siberia, but it would have been great to see this amazing departure in full sun light! (more of VQ-BKO)
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D-ALCD Unfortunately a grey day in Siberia, but it would have been great to see this amazing departure in full sun light! (more of D-ALCD)
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EY-545 Magic Siberian light as the sun rises while this super-rare classic 737 departs from runway 29. (more of EY-545)
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A6-ECD Yet another Triple7... With around 125 (!) in operation, it is impossible to miss them in Dubai! (more of A6-ECD)
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ET-AOQ It would be nice to see a Dreamliner cockpit again! Only got the 787 a few times in FRA so far, but they would be a regular here if they flew. (more of ET-AOQ)
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C-GOHB Wearing a small AIM sticker that has not been on there before. (more of C-GOHB)
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D-ALCL Some top race horses were delivered to Shannon after a race in Dubai and we are just about to take the aircraft back to Frankfurt. (more of D-ALCL)
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A9C-AJ The A320 is the backbone of Gulf Air's modern fleet with 16 aircraft and the oldest being from the year 2009. (more of A9C-AJ)
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A6-EBM Am I correct in counting 12 Emirates Triple Sevens in this one photo? (more of A6-EBM)
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A6-ERB One of only 10 A340-500s in the fleet is being pushed back. (more of A6-ERB)
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VT-SGD The airline is spicing up its undercarriage by putting some curry colour on the front wheel! (more of VT-SGD)
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A6-EBZ One of about 125 Triple7s in the fleet! Really makes me shiver... It is waiting for its next flight and there is no ground equipment (quite unusual). (more of A6-EBZ)
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A4O-BE There was a Gulf Air Boeing 737-200 with the same reg. 30 years ago (c/n 21357). This baby was delivered new in 2009 though. (more of A4O-BE)
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ET-ALQ Nice! Delivered 9 years ago on 04 March 2004. (more of ET-ALQ)
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HB-IXX Passing by with the adjusted titles (English only) clearly visible. In the back are the 744 Jumbos D-ABVS and D-ABTD which is being kept as reserve (that is why it has those yellow stickers everywhere). (more of HB-IXX)
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D-AISH Lufthansa tails in front of an office building at their homebase Frankfurt during sunset! The other two tails belong to A340-300 D-AIGL and A340-600 D-AIHL. (more of D-AISH)
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D-AIGZ Everything is perfectly arranged and the crew is waiting for the passenger bus. This is the old Business Class, but the cabin layout on this aircraft will probably be upgraded soon. (more of D-AIGZ)
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9K-ALA In my opinion one of the best looking aircraft designs! It gives an impression of power and grace at the same time. The perspective is also great, from above and perfectly lit! (more of 9K-ALA)
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A6-EBU One of the very few aircraft that got a tow-bar for push-back! This is Triple7 country... (more of A6-EBU)
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PH-TFC I would not want to sit in a 737 all the way from The Netherlands to Dubai! But I guess the tickets are cheap and there sure is demand with KLM using 777s/MD-11s and EK the A380. (more of PH-TFC)