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ID606 On display at the IAF Museum in Palam, where it was based. Thirty RAF Vampire NF.10s powered by the Goblin 3 were refurbished as NF.54s and delivered to the IAF between April 1954 and Aug. 1957. After restoration, the emblem of No. 10 Sqn. "Winged Daggers" is visible on the starboard side. (more of ID606)
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X3240 On display at the HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, Bangalore. The HPT-32 first flew on Jan. 6, 1977. Intended as a replacement for the HT-2 basic trainer, the HPT-32 had a record of accidents leading to a number of fatalities, which led the IAF to ground the aircraft in 2009. (more of X3240)
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E1083 On display at the HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, Bangalore. This is the prototype which first flew on March 6, 1975. An improvement over the battle-tested Folland Gnat, the Ajeet entered IAF service in 1977 till phased out in March 1991. It’s surprising that a mere 89 were built or updated by HAL. (more of E1083)
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TU591 This MiG-27 from No. 29 Sqn. "Scorpions" is a recent addition to IAF Museum Palam. The Squadron was the last IAF unit to fly the MiG-27, which was decommissioned on 27 Dec. 2019. (more of TU591)
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C992 Looking deadly even at rest, this MiG-21 of No. 8 Sqn. "Eight Pursoots" is a new addition to the line-up at IAF Museum Palam. For a long time the spear tip of IAF's fighter fleet, the MiG-21 has held the line through many conflicts. (more of C992)
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C779 Under the wing of IAF Museum's An-12, this MiG-21 is a new addition. For a long time the spear tip of IAF's fighter fleet, the MiG-21 has held the line through many conflicts. C779 was flown by Wg Cdr BK Bishnoi, CO of No. 28 Sqn. "First Supersonics" on the attack on Tezgaon airfield and Government House in Dacca in Dec. 1971. (more of C779)
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A476 Painted in the colors of the Thunderbolts, this is a new addition to IAF Museum Palam. IAF's aerobatic team formed under Wg Cdr PS Brar that was a joy to watch in its day. Thunderbolts were from No. 20 Sqn. "Lightnings", which flew the Hunter from 1959-97. (more of A476)
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IX787 On display at IAF Museum Palam. This HT-2 of Training Command appears to have undergone restoration, judging from the fresh trainer yellow markings and neatly painted serial number. The HT-2 ab-initio trainer served the IAF for over three decades. (more of IX787)
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HA623 Restored Tempest on display at IAF Museum Palam. It's great to see stencils on the fuselage and the chakra worn by RIAF aircraft from 1947-50 replacing the roundels. A total of 233 Tempests served the RIAF and IAF in No. 3 Sqn. "Cobras", No. 10 Sqn. "Winged Daggers", No. 4 Sqn. "Oorials", No. 7 Sqn. "Battle Axes" and No. 8 Sqn. "Eight Pursoots". Tempests were used in the 1947-48 Kashmir Operations. (more of HA623)
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IA1012 This Mystere with an extra roundel on the front fuselage is to be found near a roundabout in Ghaziabad. The Mystère was inducted into No. 1 Sqn. “Tigers” in 1957, also equipping No. 3 “Cobras”, No. 8 “Eight Pursoots”, No. 31 “Lions” and No. 32 Sqn. “Thunderbirds”. Mystères participated in the 1961 Goa operation and wars of 1965 and 1971, till phased out in 1973. (more of IA1012)
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KF141 This upgraded Mirage 2000 is on static display, parked next to a MiG-21 during Aero India 2019. (more of KF141)
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KC-3809 Turning off the active to reposition onto Rwy 09 for an evening departure after Aero India 2019. (more of KC-3809)
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ZD4051 Performing the "Sarang Split", ZD4051 of the IAF Sarang Helicopter Display Team passes in front of ZD4045 at Aero India 2017. (more of ZD4051)
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K2760 Up close with the mainstay of the IAF's transport fleet, carrying senior Air Force officers to Aero India 2017. The noise from the Ivchenko AI-20 turboprop engines is something to remember as the aircraft approaches. Visible are the flare dispensers strapped to the fuselage. (more of K2760)
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C1691 On display at the HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, Bangalore. The MiG-21M was licence built by HAL from 1973 to 1981. (more of C1691)
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A3701 Suryakiran No. 6 landing on the active at Aero India 2017. (more of A3701)
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KBU3118 MiG-29 with RD-33 Series 3 engines, increased fuel capacity, new radar and avionics upgraded by HAL on static display at Aero India 2017. The enhanced capability includes the ability to attack ground and naval targets. (more of KBU3118)
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BD884 On display at the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore. Designed by Dr. Kurt Tank in 1956, a total of 147 Maruts were built. This example has four drop tanks and was recently repainted by HAL. (more of BD884)