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XA-SHG Chimalpopoca was King of the Aztecs between 1414-1428. He succeeded Huitzilihuitl. His name means "Smoking shield" (more of XA-SHG)
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XA-MED Saltillo capital of the state of Coahuila is where Mexico's finest sarapes have been made since the 18th century, that is what the design represents. It is a necessary part of Charro clothing (more of XA-MED)
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N552NA This design is based on the Talavera ceramics of the State of Puebla. In the beginning Talavera art followed Gothic, Moorish, Italian and Flemish motifs, later typically Mexican designs were adopted (more of N552NA)
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XA-SHJ Tetlepanquetzal was a Mexican King, He was the fourth Tepanec King of Tlacopan, and reigned after 1503 as a tributary of the Mexican emperor Moctezuma II (more of XA-SHJ)
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XA-RJW Huajicori is a small town in the State of Nayarit, hence the same design as Huichol (more of XA-RJW)
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N405MX Nice to see the Aztec calendar again, after many years (more of N405MX)
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XA-IEU It had the same tail design as Mitla but with a green and yellow combination. Named after a typical colourful fiesta of Oaxaca (more of XA-IEU)
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N1003W After returning from Aeroperu this DC10 operated in a navy blue tail fin colour scheme (more of N1003W)
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N1280E Wearing an unfinished purple livery. 3 years later, it was painted all white with a large black logo (more of N1280E)
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XA-MEB It has the same tail design as Epazoyucan but with a cream colour variation. Named after the small town of Ichcatlan in the State of Hidalgo (more of XA-MEB)
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N10045 Taken to the terminal building for its next flight to JFK (more of N10045)
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XA-CMA Mexicana borrowed this DC3 EATM6042 from the Mexican Air Force to commemorate its 75th anniversary. It was shot freshly painted in this 1940's colour scheme, just 5 days before the official celebration (more of XA-CMA)
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N870SJ This DC8 was lately named Pochteca, who were professional, long-distance traveling merchants in the Aztec Empire (more of N870SJ)
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XA-HOV Representation of the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl which might be one of the most attractive tail designs. Baptized Atzacualco a district of ancient Tenochtitlan meaning in Nahuatl, "where the water is kept" (more of XA-HOV)
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XA-MEH Wearing the Olinala lacquer work tail design and named after the State of Guerrero (more of XA-MEH)
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N909PG On the starboard Mexicana painted the Red Cross' emblem in the tail fin instead of the eagle's motif (more of N909PG)