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JB a historic moment in the American aviation history ! For the first time the Airbus A380 is about to land in the USA, seen here on short final for RWY22L. The arrival was observed by local New Yorker enthusiasts as well by the press and officials airside on JFK's tarmac. Greets to the fellow NYC-Aviation spotters I met this day (Nikon D200)
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Dedicated to the screening team of pp.net - looks like much work again
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Just before sunset, while TS-IOI "MAHDIA" passing "spotters hill" with group of spotters, UR-GAK is taking off in background.
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Dedicated to our fellow spotters who are visible on this picture.
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I have never seen so many plane spotters in DUS before.
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Summer // chillout // spotting - spotting location: Nissan garage roof, Rwy 05.
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I don`t know why spotters are always so close to the planes..?
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Just take off on runway 24. That is spotting @ AMS.
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Spotters at work ! AGP offers a bunch of nice perspectives and photo spots, this picture shows the afternoon and evening spot for RWY13 in use. Greets to Sascha, Stefan and Patrick ! (Nikon D70)
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Spotting @ Innsbruck means spotters paradise!
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Over the beach on short final for runway 03. Look at the people on the beach they are looking for the landing of this aircraft.
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A lot of spotters and vistitors on this sunny day at Frankfurt
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They are greeks, they are spotters and yes..they are on their knees paying respect to a great spotting paradise. They gladly appear on this photo.
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On short final for runway 07L. Look for all the spotters today at the carpark between runway 07R and 07L.
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The BCN-based Iberian Spotters seen "at work". Many greetings to pp.net photographer Josep Tomas (1st from left) for the nice time and all the help in advance ! (Nikon D70)
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A visitor awaited by many spotters today at Grenoble...
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This was my first time in this special spotters site. And while I was still walking to the best position, Air India B-747 was already there, on taxiway. Also all that spotters there make picture very impressive.
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This is spotting at Barcelona Airport at runway 25L.
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Special thanks to Christoph Wolff! Lot┤s of spotters made their way to the airport this sunny day, I┤m the first person on the left ( green jacket )
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This is spotting in Frankfurt.
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Minutes before the A-10`s returned the fog disappeared ...greetings to the spotters on the picture !
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Time to say goodbye - for the temporary last TU5 for Stuttgart! Lot┤s of spotters decided to stay here and watch this historic moment! The best decision we could make, not to see the A380@ FRA! Probably the last TU5 ever seen at Stuttgart :(
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What a nice filled apron during this TLP's spottersday , Tornado's , F15's , A10's , Super Etendards , Mirage F1's , ... (Canon 300 + Tamron 28-300mm)
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...for a few secounds the only sound you could hear in EIN besides the AN225 engines was "klick" coming out of dozens of cameras...A great day and great opportunity for us spotters in EIN today, so thanks to the officials for opening the old deck for this "event" (Nikon D70)