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VT-AYC Pushback at CSIA as IX-247 bound for Dubai. The colourful tail represents Patola silk from Gujarat. (more of VT-AYC)
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JA744A Ready for departure from Sapporo to Fukuoka as NH290. (more of JA744A)
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EI-DSO Pushback at Guglielmo Marconi Airport on a summer afternoon. (more of EI-DSO)
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N2203 On display at the Museum of Flight. This replica is Bestellnr. 535/17, likely from Jasta 6 as per its markings. The original triplane would have flown with Jagdgeschwader 1 comprising of Jagdstaffeln 4, 6, 10 and 11. The first fighter wing of the Luftstreitkraefte was created in June 1917 and commanded by Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen, the only logical choice. Along with the famous red triplane of the ace, a number of colourful aircraft made up the Flying Circus, as it was referred to by RFC pilots. (more of N2203)
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S7-SIL Silhouette on short final for Rwy 14 at Plaisance on a cloudy summer morning. (more of S7-SIL)
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VT-SCR Taxiing out for departure from IGIA T-3 to Rwy 29 on a winter afternoon. (more of VT-SCR)
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G-SPIT This Spitfire was built at Keevil in 1944 and stored by the RAF before going to the Indian Air Force. It was acquired by British warbird collector Doug Arnold and then fully restored by 1992. It is seen here taxiing in at Flying Legends 2011 wearing the code JE-J of famous ace Wg Cdr Johnnie Johnson, who ended the war flying Mk. XIVE MV268. All his 34 confirmed victories were fighters. (more of G-SPIT)
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KH2013 Tejas Limited Series Production No. 3 (LSP-03) rocketing off Rwy 09 at Aero India 2017. (more of KH2013)
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900 On display at the RSAF Museum. The TA-4S and TA-4S-1 were upgraded by Singapore Aircraft Industries (SAI) into the TA-4SU Super Skyhawk, of which the RSAF was the only operator of the type with its unique double cockpit arrangement. The two-seat Skyhawk trainer was combat capable. SAI replaced the Wright J65 turbojet with a non-afterburning GE F404 engine on RSAF Skyhawks during the upgrade. (more of 900)
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N718BA Turning on to Rwy 16R for departure at Paine Field. (more of N718BA)
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G-BXFI Sqn Ldr Chris Heames as “Viper 1” slows down on the active in the summer evening after the Hunter display at the Cotswold Airshow 2011. (more of G-BXFI)
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HU-512 IAF Vintage Flight Tiger Moth landing at Aero India 2017. (more of HU-512)
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D-9518 On display at Deutsches Museum Muenchen. Quest for survivability in a nuclear theatre led the Federal Min. of Defense to want a Mach 2 VTOL fighter. The X-1 Versuchsjaeger (Research Fighter)with wingtip tilt jets first lifted off vertically with American test pilot George Bright on 10 April 1963. This X-2 became the first VTOL aircraft to exceed Mach 1. The project was cancelled in 1968. (more of D-9518)
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A5-RIM Pushback for Rimp at NSCBIA on a typically hazy winter morning, bound for Paro. (more of A5-RIM)
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VT-ANQ AKE-type ULDs loaded and squared away as AI-121 bound for Frankfurt prepares for departure at Gate A11 at IGIA T-3. In a unique and much appreciated gesture, Air India applied special livery to this Dreamliner to celebrate the 550th birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev, founder of Sikhism. (more of VT-ANQ)
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G-AVMU Green goddess on display at Duxford. This aircraft first flew on 29 Jan 1969. She was delivered to BEA and then served with BA as County of Dorset till retirement in Oct. 1992. Wearing primer, the One-Eleven awaits restoration to BA colors. (more of G-AVMU)
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VT-NER Disused Do-228 of Northeast Shuttles parked on the apron at NSCBIA on an autumn morning. Built in 1990, VT-NER used to be operated as F-ODYB by Air Caledonie. The caption on the tail reads The Star in the Sky. (more of VT-NER)
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G-ASJV The Rolls-Royce Merlin 63 of Mylcraine getting some summer sunshine and TLC at Duxford. Combat veteran MH434 went into action with No. 222 Sqn. in Aug. 1943 and shot down or damaged four Luftwaffe fighters in three weeks. It later flew with No. 349 Sqn. After the war, the Spitfire served with Royal Netherlands Air Force No. 322 Sqn. and saw action in Indonesia. After returning to the UK, it featured in Operation Crossbow, Battle of Britain and A Bridge Too Far. (more of G-ASJV)
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JA864J Positioned at Gate No. 71 of NAAs Terminal 2 in the morning. (more of JA864J)
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VT-ATV Retrojet beauty by dawns early light for a departure from RGIA. (more of VT-ATV)
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VT-SIF Second aircraft to be delivered to Air Sahara, this aircraft is a derelict at IGIA. Built in 1980 at Renton, it changed hands a number of times, Air Sahara being the 17th operator after having taken it over from Damania Airways. The name Good Sahara is visible under the cockpit. (more of VT-SIF)
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I-AIGJ The summer morning light falls on the classic livery of the first of Meridianas four B767s as she turns onto Rwy 14 at Plaisance for departure. (more of I-AIGJ)
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VT-SCF The evening light falls on the Konark tail of this A319 still in the livery of Indian Airlines as she taxIis out for departure at Surat Airport. (more of VT-SCF)
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IN188 Compact Sea Hawk with its folded wings, this is one of 74 operated by the Indian Navy. The leaping White Tiger of Rewa on the nose denotes the emblem of INAS 300, the first carrier-based fighter squadron commissioned on 7 July 1960 by Smt. Vijaya Laxmi Pandit. Embarked for the first time on INS Vikrant in 1961, Sea Hawks stayed on till 1978. During the 1971 war, White Tigers wreaked havoc on Pakistani installations at Coxs Bazaar and Chittagong. (more of IN188)