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VT-TGH UK771 on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning from Mumbai. This aircraft was newly delivered to Jet Airways in June 2014 and wore the registration VT-JFT. It joined Vistara in July 2019 and is one of six B737s in the fleet. (more of VT-TGH)
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VT-FAF Forum 1 Aviation 800XP on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning from Delhi. (more of VT-FAF)
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YA-KMH Pushback at IGIA T-3 on a winter afternoon as RQ916 bound for Kabul. It’s getting rarer to see the A340 as airlines wind down those fleets. This aircraft has almost completed 20 years to the day, having started its service with Iberia before moving to Philippine Airlines and then Kam Air in July 2018. (more of YA-KMH)
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ZA798 The legendary steed that flies on. Inducted into the IAF in 1962, these helicopters have been the backbone of SAR. Chetak flying over the active at Aero India 2021. (more of ZA798)
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Z2968 Helicopter from 112HU flying over the active at Aero India 2021. (more of Z2968)
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CG858 Showcased at Aero India 2021, Indian Coast Guard’s new ALH Mark III helicopters come loaded with sensors and are intended for coastal security. This version has a pair of Shakti (Safran Ardiden 1H1) engines with 12% higher power than the TM-333-2B2 on the ALH Mk. I and II. It has a full glass cockpit, surveillance radar, SAR homer system, electro-optic pod, high intensity searchlight, Automatic Identification System (AIS) and automatic deployable emergency locator transmitter (ADELT) among its features. (more of CG858)
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LA-5007 Like a ray of light in the morning, this Tejas from No. 18 Sqn. takes to the air at 140 kts in the hands of the Gp Capt Manish Tolani, CO of the Flying Bullets. As display pilot for the Tejas during Aero India 2021, Tolly put the aircraft through its paces, demonstrating its manoeuvrability in an excellent flying display. Three extended slats can be seen. (more of LA-5007)
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VT-HLK Heligo Charters 412EP outbound from Juhu Aerodrome on a monsoon afternoon. (more of VT-HLK)
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VT-TNL Sunshine falls on the striking aubergine tail of this Neo, adding a dash of color to a typically drab winter afternoon at IGIA T-3 as the aircraft pushes back for departure as UK721 to Guwahati. (more of VT-TNL)
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9H-LIS SpiceJets first A321 under tow at IGIA T-3 on a winter afternoon. This aircraft was reconfigured as Cargo (Covid-19) in Aug. 2020. Leased from Hi Fly Malta on 19 Oct 2020, it has been operating between Amritsar, Kutaisi and Tbilisi for several months. (more of 9H-LIS)
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JA601J Taxiing for departure at Haneda on a wet afternoon after Typhoon Hagibis. (more of JA601J)
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VT-PNQ Red Knight on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives on a cloudy morning as I5-964 from Siliguri. (more of VT-PNQ)
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91-0422 (WW) Punch rolling into the inverted over the active at Aero India 2017 on a clear day. This PACAF Demo Team F-16 has been drawn from the 13th FS Panther Pack based at Misawa, Japan. (more of 91-0422)
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352 Rafale demo pilot Capt. Sebastien (Babouc) Nativel shows off the upper side of his aircraft at Aero India 2019. The Tete de Furie emblem on the near side of the tail denotes GC III/7(6). On the opposite side is the Casque de Bayard emblem of SPA 15. Both units make up EC 1/7 Provence based at Al-Dhafra. (more of 352)
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Replica of aircraft used by Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen, commander of JG 1 on display at the Luftwaffenmuseum. The first fighter wing of the Luftstreitkraefte was created in June 1917 comprising of Jagdstaffeln 4, 6, 10 and 11. The Flying Circus, as it was referred to by RFC pilots, had a number of colourful aircraft flown by aces. Richthofen flew five different Dr.1s in combat and scored 19 of his 80 victories with the triplane, falling on April 21, 1918.
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On display at Luftwaffenmuseum Gatow. When Anthony Fokker persuaded German authorities to fit a synchronised machine gun to his prototype E.1 Eindecker, the Luftstreitkraefte had its first fighter. Feldfliegerabteilungen 62 (Fl Abt 62) commanded by Hptm. Kastner had two pilots, Oswald Boelcke and his student Max Immelmann who were to pioneer air combat. Flying the Eindecker, both aces became household names and received the coveted Pour le Merite for eight victories apiece on 12 Jan. 1916.
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96+43 On display at the Luftwaffenmuseum. This Mi-24D carries its UV-32-57 rocket pods, but the GSh-30-2 twin-barrel gun is not displayed. The chin turret on the Mi-24D was replaced with the 30-mm starboard mount, with P designating pushka or cannon. It formerly belonged to the NVAs Kampfhubschraubergeschwader 5 (KHG-5) Adolf von Luetzow, which received 12 of the type at Basephol on Dec. 15, 1989. (more of 96+43)
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JA8731 On display at Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum. The YS-11 was Japans first passenger aircraft developed and produced after the war. The prototype first flew on 30 August 1962. Deliveries commenced in 1965 to a large number of civil operators as well as the JASDF and JMSDF. A total of 182 YS-11 were built before loss-making NAMC ceased production. The wings and engine nacelles of this YS-11 were produced in Kakamigahara. (more of JA8731)
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VT-SYZ Former Jet Airways VT-JGV that was painted in Disney Channel colors on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning as SG503 from Chennai. (more of VT-SYZ)
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A6-ECI Morning departure for EK571 bound for Dubai from Rwy 01R at NSCBIA. (more of A6-ECI)
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VT-IUX Newest A321 of Indigo on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning as 6E353 from Hyderabad. (more of VT-IUX)
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YA-CAV Taxiing in at IGIA T-3. This 31-year old airframe is still going strong. (more of YA-CAV)
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VT-SLL White-body SpiceJet on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning as SG242 from Ahmedabad. (more of VT-SLL)
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A6-ECL Ready for a morning departure to Dubai. The two old Air India hangars in the background were flattened and flooded by Cyclone Amphan on 20 May 2020. (more of A6-ECL)