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UR-82060 An absolute chance of a lifetime.. being able to walk around underneath the world's largest airplane! The imposing Mandalay Bay Hotel looks on in the background as the world's largest aircraft spends her last hours on the ramp in Las Vegas! (more of UR-82060)
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F-OGVE Check out the motorcyclist just underneath the aircraft as the largest aircraft to operate into SBH dives toward runway 10! (more of F-OGVE)
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F-GLZN Ever wonder what it's like to stand directly behind a departing heavy jet with no blast fence? Ask the poor woman in the orange shirt, who is being absolutely sandblasted! ;-) (more of F-GLZN)
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F-GLZN Short final to runway 09 on another glorious Caribbean day! (more of F-GLZN)
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N713TW The golden windows of Mandalay Bay glint brightly in the distance, nicely contrasting one of the last true bare-metal paint schemes still flying in the world. (more of N713TW)
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N914AW The snow-capped mountains, and the magnificent Luxor hotel look on as one of Las Vegas hometown airlines departs runway 1R. (more of N914AW)
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N11FQ The Eiffel Tower bids this Douglas product adeiu as it departs runway 1R.. (more of N11FQ)
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XA-NAF Sometimes you just get lucky... :-) [Canon D60, 1/15 exposure] (more of XA-NAF)
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XA-TWA Beautiful bare metal sparkles in the sun as this visitor from Mexico flares to land on runway 7R [Canon D60, 1/60 exposure] (more of XA-TWA)
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F-OSUN Just kissing runway 7R after the flight from Papeete.. note the water from the wet runway just beginning to fly as the tires spin up! [Canon D60, 1/60 exposure] (more of F-OSUN)
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N668AW Beautiful sunset departure off runway 19L at McCarran.. from the roof of my employer! How lucky to work in a place with such a spectacular airport view! (more of N668AW)
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F-OSEA Bringing the gear up as she climbs away from runway 25R with an Alaska 737 departing 24L in the background.. (more of F-OSEA)
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JA8079 So powerful, so elegant... departing runway 25R to Osaka. (more of JA8079)
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N665US The most condensation I've ever seen on an airliner.. amazing! (more of N665US)
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N677UA Massive condensation as this heavy departs LAX runway 25R. (more of N677UA)
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PJ-SNN Another of the world's most beautiful airports.. DCA departs back to Curacao on this absolutely beautiful morning! What wouldn't any of us give to have that house in the lower-right of the photo? ;-) (more of PJ-SNN)
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N630AA Only a few people on the beach this time of morning as AA687 arrives from New York JFK. (more of N630AA)
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F-GLZN Air France descends over Maho Beach as a number of tourists pause to experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity SXM affords to have a jumbo jet skip your head. (more of F-GLZN)
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F-GLZN Using surprisingly little (I'd estimate about 4,000 feet) of SXM's 7,054ft runway for departure non-stop back to Paris CDG. (more of F-GLZN)
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N611AU Lookin' good as she swoops in over the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea for a runway 09 landing. (more of N611AU)
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This really must be the world's most beautiful airport!
Email Autor Correction ID #138164 / 3226 Views
PJ-WIH A unique perspective of the challening approach to SBH, as this WinAir Twotter dives into runway 10. (more of PJ-WIH)
Email Autor Correction ID #138163 / 1626 Views
PJ-WIL Turning short final for runway 09 as WinAir 225 from St. Barths and Wallblake, Anguilla. (more of PJ-WIL)