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G-GSSA Golden late afternoon light nicely illumnates this GSS 744F as it taxis to 15L for it's return to LHR. (more of G-GSSA)
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D-AIHN Lufthansa recently upgraded equipment to IAH with this A340-600. This upgrade will be short lived however, as the A346 will be replaced with A 747-400 in May. (more of D-AIHN)
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B-18706 Early morning arrivial of CI Cargo as it gracefully flairs above 26L. (more of B-18706)
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G-BNWY BA203 from LHR (via DTW) is seconds from kissing 26L. (more of G-BNWY)
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N366DH A blustery autumn morning finds IAH's '33s' active with out bound traffic, as this stunning DHL '300' rotates off 33L. (more of N366DH)
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N418UP A UPS 757 lifts into the crystal blue sky on a beautiful Autumn morning. (more of N418UP)
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Well, after going to all of the trouble of borrowing my friend's 600mm 4L, attaching a 2x teleconverter (giving me a 1200mm f8) with the ideal of capturing AF#38 (A330-200) on approach to 08R during sunset, guess what happens?.....yep....different runway! With, IAH being dominiated 5 active runways, it is usually a crap shoot as to getting what you want, where you want it and what you actually get. Suffice it to say, as AF #38 landed on 08L, (out of useful range even for a 1200mm), I once again settle for another trusty IAH standby, the, 737. A330 would have looked so nice there.
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N804FR Frontier's Airbuses have been eluding my lens for some years, but patience finally paid off as I captured ship '804' crossing the main bridge that connects the south side of IAH with runways 26-08L/R. (more of N804FR)
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HB-JJA KL 663 from AMS approaches 27 on a beautiful late Sunday afternoon. (more of HB-JJA)
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AP-BAK Crossing the last of two bridges, PK720, taxis out to 09. (more of AP-BAK)
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AP-BAK 'Colours Of The Dessert" enroute to 09. PIA recently introduced a revised paint scheme to it's fleet, which features art work from Pakistan's provinces. AP-BAK features "Colours Of The Desert" (more of AP-BAK)
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AP-BAK Ground crew finishes up just before departure of PK720 (more of AP-BAK)
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AP-BAK "Colours Of The Desert" is pushed from D-12 for it's return to KHI via MAN. PIA has put the 742 Combi on the IAH run for the Spring/Summer season. Nice change of pace from the normal 777. (more of AP-BAK)
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C-GDJZ Ground crew heads back to the gate after pushing AC Jazz back for a morning flight back to YYC (more of C-GDJZ)
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N37277 A CO 737-800 races to head off a UA A319 at the pass as aCO 735 applies it's brakes just after touching down on 08R. (more of N37277)
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With one of IAH's 5 runways (15L/33R) down for maintinece combined with strong east/south easterly winds, traffic begins to pile up on the airport's 2 desginated departure runways, 09 (shown below) and 15R/33L during the afternoon 'push'. This CO '57' is proceeding to 15R/33L, though his wait will be no shorter than those lining up on 09 behind him.
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An ATL bound DL 737-200 pushed from it's gate at A into the setting sun as two ground crew members look on.
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And the race is on between a Lufty A340 and a COE ERJ as to who reaches a backed up 09 first, with a UA A320 passing in the background.
Email Autor Correction ID #455255 / 344 Views
N667AW A former America West A320 in it's new US Airways livery will be spending the night in H-Town as a RON, while an America West 737-300 is being made ready for it's return to PHX. All the while a variety of CO' birds pass in the background giving ghost like appearnces. (more of N667AW)
Email Autor Correction ID #455251 / 261 Views
N301NB Early morning startup just after push results in a 'smoky' start to the day for this '319'. (more of N301NB)
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N961AN #1303 from MIA seconds from touching down on 08R. (more of N961AN)
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C-FLJZ Three colorful tails of Delta, Air Canada Jazz and United Express at 'A' being made ready for departures as the sun breaks on a new day at IAH. (more of C-FLJZ)
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C-FLJZ YYC bound JAZZ bathed in the glow of the early moring sun. (more of C-FLJZ)
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LX-ICV Taxing from the East Cargo ramp, a Cargolux 744F mingles with other A/C, including a blue 744 from a neighboring country. (more of LX-ICV)