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D-ACRA Shortly before touchdown on runway 08R in winter wonderland. A HLF B738 and a Qatar A300 are waiting for their turn in the background. Minolta Dynax 7D + Sigma 2.8/70-210 APO + Sigma 2x EX converter. (more of D-ACRA)
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D-ABUB Accelerating on runway 26L in the mist of that day. Minolta Dynax 7D @ ISO 200. (more of D-ABUB)
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F-GUGI Baby bus rushing down runway 26L in misty weather. Captured with a Minolta Dynax 7D @ ISO 200. (more of F-GUGI)
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RA-73010 Hot and brandnew! One of VIMs first Boeing 757. I nearly didn't recognize what I was shooting as their colour scheme has been way different in the past. Kind of fluffy now but like it ;). Would look way better on a Tu-154M :o). Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of RA-73010)
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RA-85628 In my opinion the best sound machine out there accelerating on runway 26L in the mist. Even the apron lights have been lit up. Minolta Dynax 7D @ ISO 200. (more of RA-85628)
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A7-ABO Taking off during a brief streak of sunlight. Minolta Dynax 7D + Sigma 2.8/70-210 APO + Sigma 2x EX converter. (more of A7-ABO)
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4X-EBT Rocketing into the sky with the sun unwilling to cooperate. Taken with a Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of 4X-EBT)
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VP-BAS So easy to edit photos of a DSLR! Taken with my new Minolta Dynax 7D. This aircraft is a treat! (more of VP-BAS)
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F-GSTA Posing at the holding position at runway 08R in the late evening well after sunset with the fuselage part which it delivered in the background. Minolta Dynax 60 + Sigma 2.8/70-210 APO on Fuji Provia 100F slide film. Approximately 2 seconds of exposure. (more of F-GSTA)
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D-ABNO Powering off runway 26L in not so nice weather conditions. Looks like it was a fast decision to put this aircraft into service again as the livery is by far not complete. Also I heard that Condor had retired these B752s. Has been very loud! Provia 100F. (more of D-ABNO)
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D-ABAG Flaring over runway 26L in the morning mist. Due to the aircraft not moving parallel to the film surface only the nose got sharp. But what a nice speed effect that is ;). Provia 100F slide scan. (more of D-ABAG)
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C-GVAT Flaring over runway 26L. Very happy to get this one with a nice panning effect. Weather was quite a mist actually! Provia 100F 1280 pixels slide scan. (more of C-GVAT)
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EC-HGR Second shot of this aircraft after being transferred from US to Europe again. Shortly before touchdown on runway 26L in a 1280 pixels wide Provia 100F slide scan. And yes, I got the strobes ;). (more of EC-HGR)
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N186DN Making very first contact with runway 26L on a misty day. 1280 pixels wide Provia 100F slide scan. (more of N186DN)
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4X-ELC After a diversion tu NUE due to lots of traffic in MUC because of fog it came about 1,5 hours late. Here the special visitor of the day is taking off again in very misty weather. Provia 100F slide. (more of 4X-ELC)
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TC-OAH On short final for runway 08R with the special visitor of the day under its belly which is getting unloaded at the moment. Provia 100F slide. (more of TC-OAH)
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RA-85753 Beautiful bird lining up on runway 08R. Provia 100F slide. (more of RA-85753)
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N452FE Shortly before touchdown with D-ABUW (which has been returned) in the background. Provia 100F slide. (more of N452FE)
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F-GSTA A while after sunset finally the Beluga lined up on runway 08R. Tripod and shot through the fence with around 2 seconds of exposure. Very nice colours in the sky! Provia 100F slide. (more of F-GSTA)
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EY-85692 As I couldn't get the arrival of Air China's B767 because it landed on the northern runway I had to improvise ;-). Provia 100F slide. (more of EY-85692)
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D-AIPU Looks like this aircraft is following me. Here you can see it in the lead of a small line-up queue at runway 08R well after sunset. Provia 100F slide. (more of D-AIPU)
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D-AIGR Waiting at the holding point for a runway 08R departure after sunset. Provia 100F slide. (more of D-AIGR)
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D-AIFB Close up while this bird is gaining speed on runway 08R for another slow take off. Provia 100F slide. (more of D-AIFB)
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D-ABUE Lining up on runway 08R already with Condor titles. Provia 100F slide. (more of D-ABUE)