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D-AIH? Looks like touching down on a water runway on a very hot day. Minolta Dynax 7D + Tokina AT-X 2.8/300mm + Sigma 2x EX converter. (more of D-AIH?)
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N73544 Very unwillingly one after another the four piston engines of the magnificient Connie awake but not without producing lots of smoke. I would love to see some of them still in scheduled service! Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of N73544)
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F-WWOW On this day on a special track back to its stand revealing its full size. It surely is a massive aircraft but nevertheless is a sight you have to get used to! Thise forehead, the engines that far out, the huge rudder... but it flies very well and very quiet! (more of F-WWOW)
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F-WWIA Waving to the crowd while returning to its stand at the Paris Air Show 2005. Nice flight! Not the patented Airbus flag holder ;). (more of F-WWIA)
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305 Paris Air Show 2005. Decelerating on the runway after an amazing display! Was fun to see all the people gather for this aircraft.
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D-AIMF Getting as close as possible with 300mm + 2x converter + 1,5x crop factor. Full frame! Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AIMF)
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D-AIHI Yes, that's a wingspan! And these lovely engines which let the A340 look like a real plane! Tokina AT-X 2.8/300mm + Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AIHI)
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D-AIGK Lining up on runway 08L for another long trip (and not only on the runway...) captured with a Tokina AT-X 2.8/300mm and a Minolta Dynax 7D, uploaded at 1280 pixels for you to enjoy ;). (more of D-AIGK)
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Slowly gaining altitude on an uncomfortably warm day. As I upload this she is still on her way. Minolta Dynax 7D.
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D-AIHC Shooting with 900mm in hazy conditions isn't easy ;). Here we see LH's long baby crabbing into the air (should in fact be heading to the right of the picture) due to some crosswind. The departure looked spectacular but heat haze killed it all. (more of D-AIHC)
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D-AIGF I wonder what the performance of the A340 would be if it would have been equipped like it is looking on this photo. Maybe it wouldn't even move? Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AIGF)
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D-AHLD Just arrived on 26L with D-AIGF lurking in the background. Welcome in hot Munich! Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AHLD)
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9A-CTJ Touchdown on 26L on a very hazy and hot day. Captured with the equivalent of 900mm focal length. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of 9A-CTJ)
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F-WWOW Paris Air Show 2005. Retracting its gear before another flyby in clean configuration and then depart to Toulouse but not without doing an additional flyby at CDG airport ;). (more of F-WWOW)
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305 Paris Air Show 2005. Seeing two planes on the display list persuaded me to go to Le Bourget. One was the A380 and the other one the real star: The Su-27. Never have I seen this aircraft before but oh boy it is such a great machine!
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PT-SAG Fresh aircraft on hold for runway 08L captured with my new toy, a Tokina AT-X 2.8/300mm + Sigma 2x EX converter + Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of PT-SAG)
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B-2069 That's what a touchdown has to look like! I'm sure everybody is awake now. Tokina AT-X 2.8/300mm + Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of B-2069)
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D-AIHC Looks like he is dancing on runway 08L. Tokina AT-X 2.8/300mm + Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AIHC)
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N662UA Very shiny aircraft on its new route to Chicago. Used up almost everything of runway 08L. Tokina AT-X 2.8/300mm and Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of N662UA)
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D-AIGD Touching down on runway 08L on a very warm day. Captured with my new Tokina AT-X 2.8/300 and a Sigma 2x EX converter. (more of D-AIGD)
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D-AIAU Lining up on runway 08L for another short hop. Sounds great! Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AIAU)
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D-AIHC Shortly before ending its trip from SFO in gloomy weather. Minolta Dynax 7D + Minolta 4/70-210. (more of D-AIHC)
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D-AIMF Shall be leased to Air Namibia in fall 2006. This lens is freaky ;). Minolta Dynax 7D; Minolta 4/70-210 (more of D-AIMF)
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N653UA UA's Star Alliance 763 lines up on runway 08L for its new service to Chicago (first day of operation). Now we have UA 2 times a day but I hope we'll get the 777 back soon! Minolta Dynax 7D and the bargain Minolta 4/70-210. (more of N653UA)
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D-AKNI Still a bit high, passing the main visitors' hill you see in the background. Not a good place for photography! Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AKNI)