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TC-RMK Sitting at the bizjet parking area in the night. Belongs to Set Air in Istanbul. Nice plane! Minolta Dynax 4 + Sigma 2.8/70-210 APO on Fuji Provia 100F. (more of TC-RMK)
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D-ACPF Sitting at the remote parking area and getting loaded. I love the reflections on the elevator! Minolta Dynax 4 + Sigma 2.8/70-210 APO on Fuji Provia 100F. Shot well after sunset. (more of D-ACPF)
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OY-UPD The only possibility to get a kind of "action shot" of an UPS-aircraft in MUC: Here it is being taxied past the Lufthansa maintenance hangar towards the cargo area. In the hangar you can see a LH A340. (more of OY-UPD)
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EC-EXM Rolling by after its touchdown on runway 08R. (more of EC-EXM)
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A7-ABN Gliding in for runway 08R in magnificient evening light. (more of A7-ABN)
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D-ABBI is trailing a smoke cloud behind it after the touchdown on runway 08R. (more of D-ABBI)
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G-OZRH Nosegear also nearly touched down. The strut inside the two airbrake flaps holds a beacon light! (more of G-OZRH)
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EC-GTO Smoky touchdown on runway 08R in the evening. (more of EC-GTO)
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F-GRHM Around one meter left before it sets its gear onto the runway. (more of F-GRHM)
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I-EXMA Speeding up while the Air Mauritius 767 is getting to the runway in the background. (more of I-EXMA)
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D-ABUZ Smoky touchdown in front of the Lufthansa maintenance hangar. (more of D-ABUZ)
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HS-TGO Munich welcomes the "Royal Barge" with golden light. This bird is just awesome! If everything goes well this will be my 100th photo in the database. A big "Thank you" for all who helped me! Minolta Dynax 4 + Sigma 2.8/70-210 APO. (more of HS-TGO)
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3B-NAK What a great bird speeding up on runway 08R! First I thought this was an Airbus A300 because I couldn't believe that there would be another 767 after the Thomas Cook one! (more of 3B-NAK)
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D-ABUZ On very short finals for runway 08R in nice evening light while a Turkish 737 is waiting on the holding point and a Fokker 100 is on finals for runway 08L. (more of D-ABUZ)
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A 30 seconds exposure of the freight terminal at MUC. This is the first and until now only 727 I ever saw. Due to its unhuman arrival and departure times it is almost impossible to get in action. During the exposure some aircraft taxied by.
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D-AIQP During our decent into MUC coming from SVO. The light was awesome for the whole flight! (more of D-AIQP)
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D-AICE What a striking light in the evening of that day! Some menacing dark clouds to the East of the airport and the low sun casts this heavy yellow touch all over the airport. Love it! (more of D-AICE)
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RA-85647 The sound engines of these beauties. (more of RA-85647)
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RA-85647 Passing in front of a very interesting background and another Tu-154 on the other taxiway. (more of RA-85647)
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VP-BAI Following the original Lada Niva "follow-me" car. Yes, the car is motion blurred! (more of VP-BAI)
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VP-BAZ Taxiing to the gate. In the background you can see why it payed for me to take photos at SVO. There are so many parked Russian-built aircrafts all around the airport! In this case from left to right: Il-96, Tu-154 and Tu-204 (more of VP-BAZ)
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VP-BAZ Just landed and now is taxiing in front of the domestic terminal of Sheremetjevo airport. (more of VP-BAZ)
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VP-BAN Taxiing to the gate after landing. And I won't tell you that you can see the pilots just to get cheap hits ;-). (more of VP-BAN)
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D-AIQP Somewhere above Belarus with perfect light, perfect place and perfect reflection on the perfect film (Velvia 50). I love this shot! (more of D-AIQP)