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HB-IIQ This one was heavy. Needed almost the same runway length as the A343 some minutes earlier. And that means something! ;) Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of HB-IIQ)
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D-ADIF Just coming from the bridge. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-ADIF)
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D-AILN Special colours on their way to Cologne. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AILN)
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D-AIGD OK, I managed it. In this view it looks at least a little bad. Even if not too much ;). Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AIGD)
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D-AIAT An Airbus soundmachine on the way to 08L. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AIAT)
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D-ABEM Closeup while on its way to a 08L departure. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-ABEM)
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D-ABEI On the way to a 08L departure while an A340 is still gaining speed in the background. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-ABEI)
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D-ABIC Catching the perfect light of late afternoon. Love these colours! Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-ABIC)
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RA-85658 Catching the last rays while departing on runway 26L. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of RA-85658)
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D-BMVV This one comes very close to the perfect shot. Perfect light, beautiful aircraft. Only very few days old and on one of its very first flights. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-BMVV)
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D-AIRR Welcome in nicely lit Munich! Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AIRR)
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D-AIPS Another nice sunset shot. You can see the tail of a Lufthansa aircraft on final for 26R in the background. Oh how I love that light! Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AIPS)
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HB-IJL Shooting in the air after an incredibly short take off run. Headwinds gusting up to 50 km/h did surely help. The clouds promise the next snow. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of HB-IJL)
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CS-DHH c/n 550-1043. ex N52235. Doing the only right thing this day: Away from MUC! We had wind gusting up to 50 km/h mixed with heavy snowfall. What the heck did I do at the airport today? Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of CS-DHH)
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TC-APD Gaining speed on runway 26L in the striking winter light. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of TC-APD)
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N526MC Surprise visitor for me hanging heavy in the air. Didn't think that any special aircraft would come that day! Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of N526MC)
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D-AIGD On its way down to runway 26L and a bit unstable in the air. Here he corrects to the left. An A320 is waiting at the holding point and another LH aircraft is on final for runway 26R in the distance. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-AIGD)
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CS-TTB Touched down on runway 26L and is deploying the thrust reversers. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of CS-TTB)
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4653 Just released the brakes after powering up the engines to the maximum. You can actually see the small smoke cloud on the ground where the wheels greased over the asphalt while full brakes where applied. Loud, smoky => great! Minolta Dynax 7D with Sigma 2.8/70-210 APO @ ISO 200.
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VP-BAS Although I already have a DSLR shooting aircraft with slide film will be the way to go! Imagine this one with a width of 2m on the wall... Minolta Dynax 60 with Sigma 2.8/70-210 APO + Sigma 2x converter on Fuji Provia 100F. (more of VP-BAS)
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VP-BWN Brandnew aircraft lining up on runway 08R in light snowfall (indeed this is not grain ;)). Captured with my Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of VP-BWN)
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D-ACIR Shortly before touchdown with an Aeroflot Airbus A321 (!) at the holding point. Minolta Dynax 7D. (more of D-ACIR)
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D-ISXT Well, normally an aircraft would be on the runway at this point. But this one avoided to do so for half of the runway and touched down very late. Minolta Dynax 7D with Sigma 2.8/70-210 APO + Sigma 2x EX converter. (more of D-ISXT)
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D-AHLP Beginning to roll with Qatar's A300 being the next. This is what it looks like at noon in MUC at the moment. Not that much light actually ;). Minolta Dynax 7D with Sigma 2.8/70-210 APO + Sigma 2x EX converter. (more of D-AHLP)