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ZG502 (73) GR9 from 20(R) Sqn, the Harrier OCU, based at RAF Wittering. Refueling in progress during ferry flight back home after a tour of duty. (more of ZG502)
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ZG502 (73) GR9 from 20(R) Sqn, the Harrier OCU, based at RAF Wittering. Refueling in progress during ferry flight back home after a tour of duty. (more of ZG502)
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472 This rare C-130 diverted to Chania due to technical problems ! ! !
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160088 Flying very low over Messinian planes ! The only operational T-2 Buckeyes in the world are te Hellenic Air Force ones ! ! ! The last of U.S.Navy retired in August 2008.
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EC-IOO Rocketing from rwy 03R this rare -300 series 747 ! (more of EC-IOO)
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74-0787 One of the four military B747-200B version airplanes flying as Advanced Airborne Command Post, the E-4B. The rarest version of the 747 indeed ! ! ! (more of 74-0787)
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PH-KCF Amsterdam is .... KLMland ! Six widebodies in one frame ! ! ! The registrations from the nearest:MD-11 PH-KCF, PH-KCA,B747-406M PH-BFK, B747-406M PH-BFD ,B777-306ER PH-BVA and MD-11 PH-KCB ! (more of PH-KCF)
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G-DOCN Taxing in to the rainbow ! ! ! (more of G-DOCN)
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EP-IBA Day by day the A300 is becoming less and less common sight in Europe.This Iran Air example is taxing for the return flight to Teheran in a rather sunny day in Amsterdam ! (more of EP-IBA)
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N701CK Not a regular visitor in Bucarest! First flew for Avianca Colombia in 11 May 1979 and later used by Tower Air,United Parcel Service and Polar Air Cargo., (more of N701CK)
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AP-BFC One of the last places in the world that you can still see the BAC One Eleven is Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport.AP-BFC is the first ROMBAC 1-11-561RC ever built and first flew in 1982.Mainly used by Tarom and leased to British Island Airways,Adria Airways,Istanbul Hava Yollari,JAT and Aero Asia, since 2002 in OTP.Also present is BAC 1-11-487GK the only BAC-111 built as a freighter ! On the southern side of the airport is the military apron were you can see the airworthy -561RC 's YR-BRE and YR-BRI ! ! ! (more of AP-BFC)
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N198DN Delta flight 133 under right bank after departure from rwy 03R according to PIKAD 2J S.I.D. (more of N198DN)
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SX-DFA Same arcraft, same destination same departure runway and same captain as in photo ID: 806278 ! But in much better wheather conditions ! (more of SX-DFA)
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SU-GBJ Short final rwy 03L for flight MS747 from Cairo which seems to be oparated by every aircraft type in Egyptair fleet ! First time in PPnet with the third and latest livery 'worn' by this B737-500! Short final rwy 03L. (more of SU-GBJ)
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YU-ANP Operating the night flght (438/439) of JAT this classic 737 is one of the last -200's registered in Europe! Due to bad weather at Belgrade the return delayed, so I had the oportunity to take a picture during daylight. First flew in 5 June 1987, also one of the last -200's of the production line ! (more of YU-ANP)
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SX-DFA Olympic Airlines flight 411 to New York JFK at initial climb after departure from rwy 03R under the control of captain Michalis Zafiris ! At the backcground is the city of Spata. (more of SX-DFA)
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SU-GBM Nice to see again these rare and short body A340's ! ! Departing for Cairo from rwy 21L. (more of SU-GBM)
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SX-BIL First flight after the first snowfall of the season ! Serving as background is Mitsikeli mountain. (more of SX-BIL)
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SX-BSS c/n 125116. Vary rare H.S.125 with the original R-R Viper turbojet engines! First flight was 42 years ago in 1966! Stored in Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport since July 2003. Former registrations G-ATZN, N93TC, N136LK, N345DA, (N90SR), N345CT and N726CC. First time on PPnet. (more of SX-BSS)
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EC-JHD Great classic 747 on taxing after landing on rwy 21R. (more of EC-JHD)
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SX-ECI c/n 750-0262. ex N262CX. The new calibrator aircraft of Hellenic C.A.A. on final rwy 03R. First time at PPnet ! (more of SX-ECI)
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89-1191 AMC Charleston. Not an every day sight in Athens! This is the fifth production C-17 and one of the six aircraft that participated in extensive flight testing and evaluation at Edwards AFB. (more of 89-1191)