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SX-TIE One of the four Hellenic Imperial Airways 747's placed on the rarely used taxyway Z.Former Lufthansa aircraft D-ABZE delivered on 12-11-1986.Later registrations EC-IUA, 5T-AUE and SX-DIE (more of SX-TIE)
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SX-BIB Short final rwy 03L for Olympic Airlines flight 807 Ioannina(IOA). (more of SX-BIB)
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F-GFKJ First time in Athens.Air France celebrates the 75th anniversary.It seems to me that A320 series lines realy fits with all the airlines' retro c/s! ! ! (more of F-GFKJ)
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SX-OAB Still stored at the old Athens airport (ATH/LGAT) to be part of a future aviatimuseum in company with B727-284 SX-CBA and B737-284Adv SX-BCA.This is the second B747-484B delivered to Olympic Airways 35 years ago, in 7-12-1973.Last revenue flight was at the end of 1999.As you can see the livery changed a bit recenly with a graffiti in the left side.Stupid and ignorant people never in short supply in every corner in the world ! (more of SX-OAB)
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C-FTBZ c/n 2068. Built in 2008. Strange visitor in ATH during ferry flight. Anybody has more details for this aircraft ? (more of C-FTBZ)
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SX-BEM The last A300 in Olympic Airlines two months before retirment. Now just a memory ! (more of SX-BEM)
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LZ-BTZ The awesome lines of the Tu-154 are clearly depicted from this angle of view ! (more of LZ-BTZ)
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RA-85786 This is what I call all wheather photography! A short interruption of the return flight preparations by the sudden summer downpour. Notice the faded Taban Air titles in english and farsi ! (more of RA-85786)
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SX-BIK Approaching the city of Athens from the west operating flight 807 of Olympic Airlines from Ioannina (IOA/LGIO) to ATH, descending through 9120 feet with a rate of 1000 feet per minute, a speed of 210 kts IAS and an easterly heading (090deg) under radar vectors for an ILS approach rwy 21L. Streching on the right is the coastline along Saronicos gulf. Also visible is Hymittus (Imitos) mountain; the dark mass surrounded by the city lights. (more of SX-BIK)
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RA-42365 Great early morning light illuminates this Yak-42.The shadow of an ATR42 can be seen as foreground. (more of RA-42365)
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EK-65072 This was the first ramp shot I took with my new digital SLR. I guess I was lucky ! ! ! (more of EK-65072)
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RA-85709 Thank you Atlant-Soyuz bringing the Tu-154 back to Athens ! ! ! (more of RA-85709)
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RA-85709 Taxing for departure to Vnukovo Airport as AYZ336 a flight introduced last week. Thank you Atlant-Soyuz bringing the Tu-154 back to Athens ! ! ! (more of RA-85709)
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EI-UPI Iluminated by the golden light of the seting sun this Alitalia MD-11(F) taxies for departure from rwy 03L. (more of EI-UPI)
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EI-UPI The graceful looks of the MD-11 inherited by the DC-10 ! ! ! (more of EI-UPI)
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LZ-LDY Very rare picture ! The only in the net with the title ALBANIA Airlines and NOT ALBANIAN !! Short term lease former Alitalia aircraft. (more of LZ-LDY)
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73-1683 Super classic airliner in immaculate condition ! (more of 73-1683)
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PH-AHQ This is NOT an ordinary boring airplane photo.LOOK closer to the wingtip ! Chopped by the airport lampost while taxing to the parking stand ! The aircraft straned out of service for a couple of month until repaired on site! (more of PH-AHQ)
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EC-KHU Air Comet flight 1001 from Madrid on final rwy 21R. (more of EC-KHU)
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SX-DFA Olympic Airlines flight 412 from New York JFK on short finals rwy 03R with the very nice backdrop of Hymittus (Imitos) mountain. (more of SX-DFA)
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SX-BMD 'New' B737-400 for being prepared to enter service soon.Strangely the registration comes from Macedonian Airlines sequence! Former Asiana, Varig, JPATS aircraft.First photo in the net. (more of SX-BMD)
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TC-OAZ One of the best hybrids of the year out in the open ! (more of TC-OAZ)
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ZS-TRG 1Time used and uses almost almost every variant of the DC-9 family.This is a MD-87 that flew with Iberia and Spanair as EC-GRN. (more of ZS-TRG)