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TU-TAT In the first year of operation, delivery to Air Afrique was on September, 13th in 1984, and photographed at Roissy- Airport from ´Zone Technique`. TU-TAT caught fire during taxying at Dakar-Yoff on February, 11th 2000 and was damaged beyond economical repair. (more of TU-TAT)
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TU-TAM Air Afrique´s third DC-10 parked in that corner, which in common is known as ´zone technique`.Other stations of her career: HS-TGB Thai Int´l in 1975/76 and from 1992 F-GNEM AOM / Cubana and at least wfu Nimes after collapse of Air Liberté. (more of TU-TAM)
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TU-TAL `Libreville`after a short stopover at Ciontrin on the way to Paris. Note the pusher in the old, grey `Swissair`- colours. (more of TU-TAL)
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TU-TXT was one of only six, originally ordered by and buildt for Eastern AL DC-8-63PF, a `Super Sixty` with strengthened cabin floor for operations also as full freighter. She was leased from UTA from June 1977 until May 1979 and is seen here landing at Marseille-Marignane. Operating for UTA as F-BOLL this DC-8 was destroyed by a bomb at Njamena, Tchad on March, 10th in 1984. (more of TU-TXT)
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TU-TAL `Libreville` in the original colours, with silver body below the cheatline, taxies into position at Cointrin-Airport. In 1996 this aircraft was sold to AOM as F-GDTI and on Dec, 21st in 1999 it overrun the wet runway on landing at Guatemala City and crashed into houses past the runway end. (more of TU-TAL)
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D-ABKR Europa Jet "Bielefeld" with additional sticker ´UEFA 88`-European Football Championship in Germany, photo taken in front of hangar 5 and 6, where all Lufthansa and Condor aircraft were maintained, also A.300, DC-10 and B.747, the tail sections had to stay outside. (more of D-ABKR)
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PH-TVI In the late 70´s British Airways was in search for new aircraft for the European division. PH-TVI is seen here, wearing additional ´on lease to British Airways´-titles at Lohausen, after a diversion due to bad wheather at Shiphol. Please note also the foldable on-board stair, a specific feature fitted also to all B.737-100´s and the first generation B.737-200´s of Lufthansa. (more of PH-TVI)
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D-ABEA The first Boeing 737 ever in passenger service, line number 2, took to the air for the first time on May, 13th in 1967. The ´Coburg` is seen here during pushback from Terminal A on a sunny winter afternoon, photo was taken over the fence from those stairs, who originally connected the arrival with the departure level outside terminal A. (more of D-ABEA)
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D-AERI ´Romeo-India` taxies to position at terminal C with the characteristic tower and the lower old observation deck in the background. By this time, the lower deck accomodation / bar inside the Tristar had been removed, also the additional protection shield behind the front wheel doors. D-AERI caught fire during maintenance inside hangar 8 and was destroyed by the spreading fire outside the LTU-hangar on June, 21th 1991. (more of D-AERI)
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D-ABKT ´Aachen`was the one and only B.727, which carried the new Lufthansa colors only for a few months until she was sold to Air Terrex in autumn 1992. (more of D-ABKT)
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D-ABHD The second B.737-230 of Condor, photographed from outside, in the bare metal colourscheme, an experiment to find out whether with lower air resistance and lower weight fuel could be saved. Sadly D-ABHD crashed on approach to Izmir on January, 2nd in 1988. (more of D-ABHD)
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D-ABHD This B.737-230, leased from Condor in the winter season 1982/83, carried an experimental colourscheme. On the starboard side an additional blue cabin stripe was applied. D-ABHD crashed during a flight from Stuttgart, approaching Izmir on January 2nd. 1988. (more of D-ABHD)
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D-ABCI `Europa Jet Karlsruhe` during push-back with polished metallic fuselage. This colourscheme was a test to find out, whether Lufthansa could save fuel by a lower fuselage weight. Also all three DC-10-30 and the four b.737-200 of subsidiary Condor were delivered new with metallic fuselage in the early 80´s. (more of D-ABCI)
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N185AT Air Afrique leased this Tristar-50, buildt in 1973 for Delta Air Lines as a model -1, from October 1989 until October 1990 from American Trans Air. N185AT is seen parked next to hangar 8, where she had received maintenance by LTU. The Tristar-50 had a higher MTOW, strengthened fuselage, wings and undercarriage. (more of N185AT)
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D-AERI Romeo-India on final aproach to runway 24, today runway 23L, on a sunny spring evening, only a few weeks after delivery from Pacific Southwest Airlines. Clearly visible is the additional protection behind the front wheel doors. All three ex PSA Tristars, D-AERE, D-AERI and D-AERU were delivered to LTU with a bar in the lower deck. Sadly, On June, 27th 1991 Romeo-India caught fire inside hangar 8 during maintenance and was destroyed by the fire finally outside. (more of D-AERI)
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D-ABYH Jumbo "Max" during pushing ( ! ) to the Lufthansa maintenance area at Lohausen. In 1979 this aircraft was sold to Korean Airlines as HL7442 and on July,1st in 1983 KAL007 was shot down by a soviet fighter near Sakhalin Island. (more of D-ABYH)
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D-AERE In 1977 LTU bought three Tristars series 1 from Pacific Southwest Airlines. D-AERE was the first one, followed by D-AERI and D-AERU. All three aircraft retained the PSA lower deck passenger accomodation / bar inclusive a foldable passenger stair. The FAA required modifications you can see behind the nosewheel doors. Photo was taken during "photo and film safari" in summer 1978. (more of D-AERE)
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PH-BUK Louis Blériot diverted into DUS due to bad weather conditions at Schiphol and is showing his opened rear cargo bay at Lohausen, while a DC-8-63 of CP-Air is departing to AMS. PH-BUK was converted to SUD-standard, still as combi and looking like a B.747-300, in the mid 80s. Today ´Louis` is preserved in the Aviodrome-museum at Lelystad in the Netherlands. (more of PH-BUK)
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SX-OAB Minutes before ´Olympic Eagle´ leaves Lohausen for Athens-Hellinikon at a time, where all abroad living Greeks had to travel home for parliamentary elections. SX-OAB still survives at the closed old airport of Athens in a derelict state. (more of SX-OAB)
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N674UP In December 1984 this B.747-123F, originally buildt for American Airlines as an pax airliner, was delivered to UPS as one of their first widebodies. In 2003 N674UP was withdrawn from service and parked at Roswell, New Mexico. (more of N674UP)
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JA8102 This B.747-100, delivered to JAL twenty years ago, taxies into position B52, after arriving from Paris on a sunny sunday afternoon. In the late 80s/early 90s JAL operated a twice weekly service from Düsseldorf via Anchorage to Tokio and Osaka. (more of JA8102)
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PK-GNU Three sisterships were sold to Aero Lloyd in 1982, retaining the basic Garuda colours. (more of PK-GNU)
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9V-BFW Triumvirat - all three Cargo B.707´s of Singapore Airlines, 9V-BFC and 9V-BFN are the others, together in front of the passenger terminal at Singapore´s Paya Lebar Airport, the old international airport. (more of 9V-BFW)
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9V-SQI This B.747-212B was delivered to Singapore in 1979 and bought by Olympic AW in April 1985. Since June 2002, formerly ´Olympic Flame´ SX-OAD has been parked at Bruntingthorpe, UK (more of 9V-SQI)
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EC-EFJ The `new`Spantax operated only three flights together with her sistership EC-EFK into Düsseldorf, then in March 1988 Spantax finally ceased all operations. Other operators of this MD-83 were British West Indian Airlines, TWA and at least American Airlines (more of EC-EFJ)