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A4O-AB In 1987 this VC-10 returned to its birthplace Brooklands, where she had her first flight on October,17th 1964, and where she is preserved today. (more of A4O-AB)
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G-ASGC In the late 70´s British Airways operated a daily service LHR-DUS-Teheran-DUS-LHR with VC-10s. Around midday two VC-10s were present at Lohausen, one on the onward schedule to and one on the return flight from Teheran. In 1980 G-ASDC was withdrawn from service and donated to the Imperial War Museum Duxford. (more of G-ASGC)
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HB-IDZ was one of only six, originally ordered by and buildt for Eastern AL DC-8-63PF, a `Super Sixty` with strengthened cabin floor for operations also as full freighter, but originally without cargo door. In December 1985 HB-IDZ was sold to UPS as N874UP, she was modified to DC-8-73PF standard with CFM56-engines and operated until February 2009, when she was withdrawn from service and stored at Roswell, New Mexico. (more of HB-IDZ)
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HS-TGG "Sriwanna" is seen here departing Lohausen after a diversion due to bad weather, on her way to Frankfurt. In Service for Atlas Air she returned back to Lohausen for several times as N527MC in 2005. On February, 2nd in 2008 N527MC was damaged beyond economical repair due to slipped cargo load, which penetrated the aft bulkhead at Lóme, Togo. (more of HS-TGG)
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CCCP-09308 A real notable feature of the An-22 are the four Kuznetsov NK12MA turboprops, the most powerful turboprop engines in service and they are driving eight blade counter rotating propellers with an incredible sound. (more of CCCP-09308)
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64-0638 In 1983 the Military Airlift Command and the US Armed Forces used also Lohausen to move troops fast to Europe with military transport aircrafts like this Starlifter, but also Hercules and civil airliner were involved in this operations. (more of 64-0638)
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CCCP-09308 These ´Antei´ brought exhibits of the Russian space agency for an economic exhibition to Dusseldorf. (more of CCCP-09308)
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C-FCWW As an Iberia Cargo flight diverted into Lohausen due to bad wheather conditions at Frankfurt, former PH-DCW of KLM leaves her parking position on the main apron. (more of C-FCWW)
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C-FDJC "Phil Garret" taxies in after arrival on another charter flight into Dusseldorf. Wardair operated several flights in the summertime during the 70`s and early 80`s , first with B.727 and B.707, later with B.747 and DC-10. (more of C-FDJC)
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OB-1244 Together with sistership OB-1300, Aeronaves operated cargo flights for Iberia-Cargo in 1989 and 1990. OB-1244 was a converted pax DC-8-55, formerly operated by Japan AL and after conversion in 1977 by JAL-Cargo. The engines were modified by ´Quiet Nacelles Corporation` early ´89. Aircraft was withdrawn from use in 1992 and scrapped several years later at Opa Locka, Florida. (more of OB-1244)
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OB-1300 "Santa Elena" on one of the regular Iberia-Cargo flights at Lohausen. By this time the four Patt & Whitney JT3D-engines had been modified by the ´Quiet Nacelle Corporation of Miami`, recognizably in the golden engine nacelles, which throttled the volumne. (more of OB-1300)
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CF-TJS Six of this freighters were operated by Air Canada Cargo for about twenty years. CF-TJS visited Lohausen again in 1989, registered as OB-1300 to Aeronaves del Peru. (more of CF-TJS)
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C-GCPH "Empress of Lisboa" in the first year of operation for Canadian Pacific on a once weekly flown charter flight into Düsseldorf. In 1987 she was converted into ´extended range` standard and after 20 years of services she was scrapped at Marana. (more of C-GCPH)
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C-FCRA "Empress of Japan" was traded to Pakistan International in September 1986 for DC-10's together with sisterships C-FCRB/D and -E and was registered as AP-BCN. (more of C-FCRA)
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VH-EBB "City of Melbourne" taxies at Kai Tak to its parking position in the evening, This Pratt & Whitney powered Jumbo saw also services with Air Lanka as 4R-ALG, Air Pacific as VH-EBB and after conversion to freighter 1993/94 as N706CK for Kalitta - American International Airways. (more of VH-EBB)
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I-DIWM "Ugolino Vivaldi" aproaches parking position B54 at Lohausen on a wet summerday. This Rolls Royce Conway powered DC-8-43, one of only 27 series -43 buildt for Alitalia, Trans Canada and Canadian Pacific, spent the final part of her lifetime in the Far East with Sterling Philippines, named the "The Sheik" and registered as RP-C348. (more of I-DIWM)
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CF-CPT "Empress of Santiago" aproaching parking position 22, where today Terminal C is located, on a warm summer evening some 40 years ago. CF-CPT was the one and only Jet Trader in CP Air´s fleet, a convertible DC-8 for passengers sitting in the rear fuselage and for cargo palettes in the front section. Up to the mid 70s also KLM operated a once weekly service with DC-8-55CF Jet Traders on Tuesdays from Hong Kong into Düsseldorf. (more of CF-CPT)
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C-GNBX The protype Dash 7 made a brief stopover on her demo tour through Europe also at Lohausen. She remained with the manufacturer until donated to the Canadian Aviation Museum at Ottawa in 1988. (more of C-GNBX)
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HA-YSA is leaving her parking position in front of hangar 8 at Lohausen with a Hungarian government delegation aboard. HA-YSA later was converted to TU-134A-3 standard and served with MALEV as HA-LBN. (more of HA-YSA)
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G-BDIW in a dismantled state before her departure to the new home at the Hermeskeil Aviation Museum near Trier, where she was preserved first in the same colours and later repainted again in Dan Air London´s 1990 colour scheme, (more of G-BDIW)
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G-BDIW This former Dan Air London Comet 4C was repainted in `Rhein Ruhr Flughafen Düsseldorf´house colours in spring 1986 and she was preserved for another two years together with D-BABY, visible on the left side. (more of G-BDIW)
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G-BDIW After the closure of the Air Classic Aviation Museum, she was preserved for another three years together with Vickers Viking D-BABY beside the LTU-hangar. (more of G-BDIW)
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G-BDIW Seen during her towing to the Air Classic Museum, which sadly didn´t exist very long. After the closure of the museum G-BDIW crossed the road again to her resting place just beside LTU-hangar 8. (more of G-BDIW)
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D-CIAD A few days before her movement to the Air Classic Aviation Museum, together with G-BDIW, Dan Air´s De Havilland DH-106 Comet 4C in the background. Today D-CIAD is preserved at the Hermeskeil Aviation Museum. (more of D-CIAD)
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D-BABY After the closure of the ´Air Classic´exhibition, former Autair G-AHPB moved again right beside hangar 8 and was repainted into old LTU c/s. The last trip brought her to Winterthur in Switzerland, where she was scrapped and only few parts survived in private ownership. (more of D-BABY)