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N1033F Short lived "Holidayliner Enterprise" in the colours of ONA at Rhein-Main. She was destroyed after collision with a PA-31 at Anchorage,Alaska on December, 23rd in 1983, operating as HL7339 for Korean Airlines. Four of the five DC-10-30CF, ordered by ONA were destroyed in accidents, only the last, N1035F survives as N304FE, operating for Federal Express. (more of N1033F)
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PH-DTL This DC-10-30 had her first flight on December 3rd, 1974 and the delivery date to KLM was on February 26th with immediate lease to Garuda Airways in full colours. In 1976/77 PH-DTL was leased, only for ten months, but in full colours to Thai International, named "Sriwanna" and registered as HS-TGC. This aircraft was also seen as PH-DTL in full colours of her owner KLM and as YV-139C in the colourscheme of VIASA in 1991. Last active operator was Africa One, registered her as 5X-ONE. Thirty years after her first flight she was scrapped at Kemble, UK. (more of PH-DTL)
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D-ABNF "Rizzi-Bird", built in 1991, is flying today as "Gloria" in the colours of British Airways - Open Skies as G-HAVN. (more of D-ABNF)
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N472GB in the old colour scheme of Air California, aproaching McCarren Field. In 1971 this B.737-100 was registered as D-ABWA to the West German Air Force, but immediately it was sold again to Boeing. With the merge of AirCal into American AL, N472GB was withdrawn from use and finally broken up at Mojave, California (more of N472GB)
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N471GB in the new, just introduced colour scheme on one of totally two series -100 B.737s, operated by AirCal. Aircraft was ordered and built for Avianca, delivered in November 1968. It was bought by the West German Air Force, registered as D-ABWB, in 1971 but returned to Boeing in 1972. In July 1987 AirCal merged with American Airlines and N471GB was withdrawn from use and finally broken up at LAS in October 1990. (more of N471GB)
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PH-DTE Wake up Wolfgang Amadeus !!...Initial attempts of the crew and ground staff to reanimate ´Mozart` and enter PH-DTE in the morning after an evening diversion into Düsseldorf from New Delhi due to bad wheather conditions at Schiphol. This DC-10 was damaged after overrunning runway at Panama City 6.83, recovered for one year and overhauled at Zurich. The next operators were SAS, registered it first as SE-DFG, then as LN-ALN, JAT as YU-AMD, Skyjet as V2-LEA and finally it returned on numerous flights to DUS as OO-PHN and 9G-PHN operating for Ghana AW. (more of PH-DTE)
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N653UA still active in the white´Star Alliance´colours today. (more of N653UA)
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SU-DAK delivered new to ZAS in spring 1988, got later again full ´Airline of Egypt´- titles, also in arabic letters on the fuselage and the tail. (more of SU-DAK)
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YU-ANG leased November 1989 until November 1990 from Adria Airways. Aircraft operated also for Aero Lloyd from 1994 until 1996 as D-ALLS and finally as N923TW for TWA and American AL, retired at Roswell, New Mexiko in 2003. (more of YU-ANG)
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G-BISU with horse loading ramp just in front of the nose doors, waiting for its livestock load. G-BISU damaged beyond repair whilst taking off Enstone, Oxfordshire July 18, 1996. (more of G-BISU)
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9K-ADA Aircraft was leased for seven months from Kuwait AW and it is seen here at Lohausen on Christmas 1987. In 1995 it was sold to American Int´l AW/Kalitta as N707CK and converted to full freighter in 1996. Broken-up at Ahlhorn, Germany in August 2007, registered as S2-ADT, last operator was Air Bangladesh. (more of 9K-ADA)
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SU-GAN One-man-special-pushback due to the lack of the right equipment. The crew decided to leave their Terminal C position per full thrust reverse. SU-GAN was bought by EgyptAir from the Egyptian Government in June 1986 and leased it to Air Sinai from October 1989. (more of SU-GAN)
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SU-BCB "Osiris" taxies at Lohausen via runway 16/34 for take-off on runway 06, today runway 05R. SU-BCB was converted to freighter configuration in October 1997 and operated by DHL as EI-EAT. (more of SU-BCB)
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SU-GAI "Nefertari" taxies via runway 15/33 to runway 06 for departure to Cairo. SU-GAI was sold to South African AW in September 1996, registered as ZS-SRB. Last operator was Kras Air and this aircraft was scrapped at Moscow-Domodedovo in 2011. (more of SU-GAI)
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SU-FAB Air Lease Egypt ´SP`-B.707-138B operating for EgyptAir only for a few months. Ex OE-IRA of Montana Austria. Aircraft was sold to Boeing Military for use in KC-135E reengine programm in 1986 and it was broken up finally at Davis Monthan, Arizona. (more of SU-FAB)
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9K-ACJ "Wara" taxying in at Lohausen after a diversion due to bad weather conditions at Frankfurt. 9K-ACJ was sold in November 1985 to Southern Air Transport as N525SJ. (more of 9K-ACJ)
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9K-AIB "Algrain" on a government flight at Lohausen, only few months before it was destroyed during Desert Storm in February 1990 at Bagdad. (more of 9K-AIB)
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9K-AFB "Boubiyan" seen on an Egypt Air flight at Lohausen. This aircraft was donated to Syrian Air in 1994, registered as YK-AGD. (more of 9K-AFB)
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9K-AFA "Warba" on one of her several visits to Lohausen, operating Egypt Air flights together with sistership 9K-AFB. (more of 9K-AFA)
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N138TA Tiger Air´s VIP B.707, bought in 1978 from Pacific Western, at the Airshow in Le Bourget. This aircraft was the first Qantas B.707, registered as VH-EBA in 1959 and today she is preserved as VH-XBA at the Qantas Founders Outback Museum in Longreach, Australia. (more of N138TA)
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N8866E This ex-Eastern AL B.727-225 visited Lohausen several times in autumn 1990 on Egypt Air flights. (more of N8866E)
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SE-DDL The first B.747-283B named "Huge Viking" with line no.114, the second one was N4502R, approachs his parking position at Terminal B. Other operators of this aircraft were Scanair, Gulf Air as LN-AET and Minerve as F-GHBM. SE-DDL was scrapped at San Antonio in July 1994. (more of SE-DDL)
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OE-INA Operated by this small Austrian company from 1977 until 1981. She is pictured here on parking position 5 in front of the old terminal in Lohausen. (more of OE-INA)
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OE-IRA Another one of the 13 ex-Qantas V Jet 138 special performance series B.707s on one of the several Aer Lingus flights at Lohausen in 1977 and 1978. Montana was once the only Austrian intercontinental airline, operating a fleet of two B.707-138Bs and one B.707-396C. (more of OE-IRA)