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During the ILA, the old northern runway of SXF was used as a GAT apron.
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The growing BBI terminal. Since approximate three weeks, the flood lights are already installed
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G-EZDU Great evening light. In the background you can see the BBI terminal (more of G-EZDU)
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HZ-AIJ Surprising visitor. And as always, 10 seconds before, the sun disappeared... (more of HZ-AIJ)
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5557 Great front view of the mighty Skymaster in front of the THF hangars.
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N614GB Great actual parking position of the VFW on the eastern apron (more of N614GB)
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D-CXXX The raisin bomber is flying again...The Luftfahrtbundesamt checks how strong the left is damaged and how they can remove it. Some time earlier, the rests of the right wing and both engines were removed. Note the heavy structural damage on the right wing. Hopefully she will be repaired... (more of D-CXXX)
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D-CXXX Just sad to see her lying heavily damaged in the gras. Directly after takeoff, there were some engine problems, the crew made a left turn and tried to get back to the runway but they didnīt make it. Fortunately there were no people killed, some passengers and the crew were injured. But the damage of the aircraft looks like she will never fly again, one wings is cut off :-( Sorry for the obstacles, but a better shot was not possible. (more of D-CXXX)
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D-CNEU Coming back after a display @ ILA 2010. First build aircraft of the new NG version. (more of D-CNEU)
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41 Coming back after Display flight on the ILA 2010
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F-WWDD Now with some airline sticker on the fuselage. In the background you can see the terminal of SXF (more of F-WWDD)
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114 (62-IJ) Arriving for the ILA 2010.
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F-WWMT c/n 001. One of the highlights of the ILA 2010 is ready for departure back home to Toulouse. (more of F-WWMT)
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FAE-051 c/n 14501082. Rare visitor in great evening light. (more of FAE-051)
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Overview of the whole airport area. Can anybody tell what this fuselage in the right bottom corner is?
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D-FUMP c/n 208B0743. Landing on rwy 29 after dropping some skydivers. (more of D-FUMP)
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D-EDZN c/n F15001168. "My" bird for the next 90 minutes. My first flight with a 150. I liked the flight characteristics although the climb rate was not the best one :-) Note the fuel station in the background :-D (more of D-EDZN)
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The destruction work is fully in progress on the former airfield Oranienburg. Nearly all taxiways and hangars(except form the big "Einfliegerhalle" of the Heinkel-Werke) are already gone, also the tower is broken up into little pieces. The airfield was build from 1936 to 1939 and was the airport of the Heinkel airplane factory. After the end of World War II, the soviet Air Force used this airport until 1994.