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F-WWOW First Flight ever!! The whole CREW at LFBO Bjorn and Nils (more of F-WWOW)
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Emergency situation training,aircraft collide with car .
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SX-BLC On Monday 19 December a B737-300 of OA and 2 F-16 of HAF re-enact the events that led to the accident of 5B-DBY/HCY522 on 14 August 2005. The B733 use callsign OA3324 and perform the flight Larnaca - KEA then holding at FL340 over KEA, then to KRS at 7.000ft and then left turn and low pass over the crash site. F-16s after KRS VOR return to Tanagra and the B733 continue alone following the track. After two circles flew VFR to LGAV. In few photos you can see the people securing the remains of HCY B733. Unusual low flying of civil jetliner. (more of SX-BLC)
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D-AICH Landing with heavy crosswind! (more of D-AICH)
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F-GLZQ Taken from 401 Collectors - I was speechless and felt so sad to see this bird (more of F-GLZQ)
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finals to land on 02. Isn't that a beauty?
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OE-LNQ Early morning arrival at rwy 02 over the calm sea (more of OE-LNQ)
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F-WWOW c/n 001. On short final runway 32L over the highway (FFAS/JR). (more of F-WWOW)
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VP-CGD Overshot the runway after landing with massive cross wind. (more of VP-CGD)
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G-FJEB note the people standing on the bridge (more of G-FJEB)
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EX-093 The Il-76 freighter caught fire on the ground while it was being loaded in preparation for a flight to Brazzaville (BZV). Thanks to my friend Igor for this photo. (more of EX-093)
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F-WWOW Cockpit View from the captains seat in the A380 (more of F-WWOW)
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D-ABOH On the flight back to Dusseldorf, Germany; the passengers on the right side had a great view of Mt. Teide (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 3,718m) sticking out of the mist (Canon Powershot G11). (more of D-ABOH)
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F-WWCS c/n 779. > VP-CCC. V.I.P aircraft, first A340-600 for NAS. (more of F-WWCS)
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HB-IHX What to say for the morning view of Skiathos approach path! We stay all day at finals in order to get the 4 flights during all day. Especially that one. Edelweiss A320 was the only one flight before 12:00 when the sun is turning to the other side. We notice the red ship named ďSkiahosĒ loading at the port one day before the capture. We search the place around and we decide to stay at that position in order to get that pic. A complete obsession with the 3 basic colors (RGB, Red, Green, Blue) that human vision works sheared on the frame in equal percentage. Just another picture that we love to share with all you. (more of HB-IHX)
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welcome to Antarctida.great history planes of aeroflot.
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SX-BIB People hide themselves on the beach during landings! (more of SX-BIB)
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Used by helicopters of the AZ National Guard for training runways, based at the nearby Silverbell Army Heliport, and consists of six short paved runways , Built on top of an old Army airfield. A new airport to the database. Located about 12 miles north west of MZJ - Pinal Airpark. Any preference for a runway?
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SX-BIB During another low approach over the public road and beach on short final RWY02. (more of SX-BIB)
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A Maho Beach situation at Toulouse...if only it would be much warmer...
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G-XLAE c/n 30637/800. Typical Greek Island holiday picture. Red wine, sea, ships and charters. (more of G-XLAE)