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F-WXXL My first A380 over Dortmund/VOR. F-WXXL from Toulouse to Hamburg/Finkenwerder. (more of F-WXXL)
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D-AKNG HOT !! Brandnew Lufthansa painting for this former Germanwings Airbus. Titles are not fitted in the standard position this time, but right over the wing. (more of D-AKNG)
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LX-SCV After touchdown full reverse,and look what the dirty dry ground is doing on the plane (more of LX-SCV)
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F-WWOW c/n 001. New roll out on a foggy friday ;-(( Now with 2 engines (more of F-WWOW)
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SX-BIB The crazy thing on this photo is not the very low pass of the ATR but the human form under the airplane’s “Olympic tail”. He is –PlanePictures- photographer Elliott Kefalas and his camera training for the “Olympic Games” on an “Olympic airplane”. You can see him jumping off the guard rail while training for the new Olympic event called “touch the airplane (if you can)”. As you can see he just missed the main wheels for less than one meter… Just another activity of “Greek Aviation Enthusiasts” (more of SX-BIB)
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TC-JNE Pieces of sun for this widebody. Note the ladder hanging in front of the frontgear. (more of TC-JNE)
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F-WWAI New Rolls Royce Trent 900 installed under first A340 wing. This fly testbed of A380 engine will take off 17th may for two months of flight tests. (more of F-WWAI)
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LZ-MIK sorry for the bad quality, but I have never seen an aproach like this ! this captain prefers the visual aproach I think :-) (more of LZ-MIK)
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D-AKNG HOT !! Brandnew Lufthansa painting for this former Germanwings Airbus. Titles are not fitted in the standard position this time, but right over the wing. If you take a sharp look, you can see marks of hided Italia titles also just behind the front door. Carrying "Operated by Germanwings"-sticker as well. (more of D-AKNG)
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PP-SPL I have looked on the Terminal B at Zürich how this plane rotate from rwy 16! During the take-off, I heard 3 or 4 very loud bangs and then I saw the fire which came out of Engine 2. I took my camera and made a shot. What luck to see the flame because she was only visible for a few seconds! (more of PP-SPL)
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PH-BTC Sad to see this bird without legs. My apologies but I've stacked my 300mm+2x+1,4 Teleconverters. (more of PH-BTC)
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TC-FLA No way I'm boarding this airplane! (more of TC-FLA)
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TC-MNN Copilot is ready for pushback but the pilot wants to smoke finished first. :-) (more of TC-MNN)
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EC-FLK My friend (who gave me permission to upload the picture) was boarding this plane from the finger when it suddenly moved forwards and endangered the boarding of a passenger. The bus (driven by the woman in blue on the right of the picture) hit the wing. (more of EC-FLK)
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The place where james Bond "Tomorrow never dies" was made! Taken from a PA-30C. Coordinates N42.796 E0.44
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EI-DAA "Caoimhe" is seen here at Dublin with A330 "St Brigid" EI-CRK wedged under its wing. This happened at about 1300 Local time on new Years day when winds gusted very strongly for a short period of time (more of EI-DAA)
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F-WWDD Very early this morning, Toulouse wakes up. I am surprised to see the biggest plane of the world finally in his totality (more of F-WWDD)
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VT-AIQ Air-India B744 at FL350 meets Air China B744F at FL360 over the black sea on airway UL851. Shot from Lufthansa Cargo MD11F at FL340. (more of VT-AIQ)
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F-WWOW the 1st prototype advance, everybody is in a hurry to see to fly it (more of F-WWOW)